Saturday, October 1, 2011

Walking with Butler

Every morning for months the dog rouses me out of bed and into a walk. While he is so busy sniffing for all the night inhabitants who have crossed his trail, my mind is free to soar and dip in random thought. It's become my favorite time of the day. A bit of exercise for the body and mind.

During this month of October I've decided that I will share some of my morning thoughts. So walk with me.

I've come very close to ending Annarella Girl this summer. Or ending the commercialization of AG. Seems like I'm not growing. As I've analyzed my situation, I realise that I love the creating of designs and clothes, but I miss, miss, miss having contact with and feedback from other creative people. That is what is wearing me down. And that leads me to this morning's thoughts.

After dreaming of having a group of smart, creative, successful artisans discovering me and begging me to become a part of their ranks (lol), I've realized that I must go out and try to organize such a group. So I'm thinking about ways to do this and to what end. My vision is not just a talky get-together (after all none of us has time to waste), but something which might explore the challenges of creative businesses - marketing, sales opportunities, using the interent effectively. Combining our talents, energies and minds to further our businesses. Maybe create a once a year event which combines hands on workshops, informational workshops, social opportunities and selling. Sounds a little disjointed but that's how dreams begin.

Anyone out there have any ideas to throw into my muddled mind? I've got plenty of morning walks to ponder them all. See you tomorrow.

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