Monday, October 31, 2011

Rambling 31: Halloween Reversal

Instead of donning a costume tonight, I wish I could remove my old age disguise and let my little girl have a day out.

What I would do

climb an apple tree
twirl with my eyes closed,
     stopping to fight for balance as the world spins on
roll down a grassy hill
play statues
play 4 square
eat a carmel apple
punch my brother in the arm
dance to "Benny and the Jets"
swing so high my toes touch the sky
catch fireflies in a jar
do somersaults in the pool
sit on the bottom of the deep end
splash in a puddle
jump in a mound of orange, yellow, brown leaves

What would you do?
Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rambling 30: You Can Teach an Old Dog....

Title should really be "an old human can learn new tricks from a wise dog." This 31 day challenge started with walking with Butler. It ends tomorrow still walking Butler. And I have learned much - about myself, about my neighborhood, about dogs and about life. Don't expect any momentous pronouncements about the meaning of life or the ultimate solutions to the world's problems. Rather I've just continued to learn small illuminations that delight, inspire and enrich my life. Wow! It doesn't get much better than that.

I've learned that this decrepit body can still move. Although I certainly won't break any speed or distance records, my balance and energy have improved with the daily walks.

I've learned that my mind works better with daily intake of fresh air. Not only on the walks but with time spent at the bark park watching the antics and joy of dogs.

I've learned that I am a dog person and happier for it. When my family was young I resented the added responsibility of a dog when I was already overwhelmed with things I must do. Now that I am fancy free (just all you young people wait there is freedom that makes middle and old age stages to delight in and look forward to). I find that a little bit of responsibility adds to the quality of my life.

I'm learning to enjoy the moment, to stop and smell the flowers, not to regret the past, not to obsess about the future. Live, love and embrace the now.

Carpe diem.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rambling 29: Witches in the Trees

This morning was crisp! I added a layer and long socks. Didn't break into a sweat until halfway. Friends have noted on facebook our cool mornings, even calling them crisp, but I find it hard to find the crisp when it's 55 degrees with 90% humidity. Cool, yes. Fall-like, yes, the Texas version. But crisp, no. But this morning, a definite snap, a chill, a crisp.

Butler uses the morning walks to check out who or what has been out at night. Nose to the ground he follows a crooked path dictated by the yummy scents. He is always alert to the smallest changes. Looking out for the neighborhood cats. Eying any tree that might have a squirrel. This morning he was completely befuddled by a witch in a tree. Was it some kind of crazy mutant squirrel? Should he be afraid and run? Or growl and bark pretending to be brave? A dilemma. In the end he chose to give a few halfhearted woofs and then walk on with one wary eye cast back to insure it didn't attack us from behind. Kind of my approach to the politicians of today.

A few things from my sewing room.

a knee length skirt jn a holiday pallette

mid-calf skirt in lovely blues. polka dots make me smile

holiday onesie

Friday, October 28, 2011

Rambling 28: To H... in a Handbasket

No walk this morning as I was meeting a friend for coffee to discuss art organizations. Such sad eyes on Butler as I wlked out the door without him. Awww. But he is getting a treat this afternoon as he will play at the bark park with his favorite friend, Lola and her young owners. He'll be in seventh heaven.

Meeting went well . I have a crush on Jane's mind. She is smart, witty and compassionate. So I laughed at some of her observations on life. Listened with great interest about Georgetown's progress in the visual arts. Overall felt energized with lots of ideas to explore while I worked this afternoon.

Then I turned on my phone.... The colonial day outfit for my grandson is due by Wednesday. Earlier than expected. No problem It is finished, hanging on closet door just waiting to go. Husband goes to Houston on Monday and already planned on taking it.

Next, called husband from grocery store to see if he needed something. Not good. He is immobilized. Bad hip, back, knee, not sure since it all hurts and won't support walking. Uh, oh. He needs me to make lunch and dinner. Nothing elaborate but not part of my daily routine. Yes, am I not spoiled? When he works from home, he gets his own lunch and usually makes dinner for both of us. (He's really not a saint. He doesn't like my choices for dinners.) So there goes a lot of my time in the sewing room. But even worse for my timeline, I can't count on him to deliver colonial outfit by Wednesday. Looks like I may have to take tomorrow to drive to and from Houston.

There goes my creative energy for two days. As the title said all my planning and dreaming of what garments I would be working on just went "to h... in a handbasket." (By the way where did that saying come from and what does it mean?) Of course, it is not the end of my world. This is just an example of the rollercoaster of life. Makes me chuckle. How quickly mood changes. Motherhood has taught me how to take it all in stride. From 0 to 60 in 15 seconds and back to a full stop again. Ah the vagaries of life...keep us young, agile of mind, body, and spirit.

Got to go find that handbasket. Have a good Friday.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rambling 27: Flying Carpet

It's a dark, cloudy morning.  Clouds are low and flat. like a flying carpet. My mind soars with plans and ideas.

What material I 'll use for a jumper today - pink corduroy with green circles or a brown corduroy with bright pik, green, cream flowers. What size? I'm at the point in my planning for the First Baptist Christmas Spectacular. when I try to anticipate what sizes will be popular this year. So far sizes 3 and 5 seem to get picked up the most frequently.

Thinking about a small gift that Jenny D and I can make to thank customers. Of course it must use fabric scraps. Just what we need something else to spend our spare time on. lol. But we really do love our customers and want to say thanks.

Lusting for a cupcake I found on Pinterest last night.

Brownie Batter Chocolate Fudge Cupcake. Doesn't it make your teeth hurt just to look at it? All the time I hear healthy, slim people say that they can't eat more than one of something because it is so rich while inwardly I'm already lausting for a second and third. But this looks and sounds like even I, the chocolate glutton, could only eat one of these at a sitting. You can find the recipe at Kevin and Amanda blog.

These are a few of my soaring thoughts this morning. Have a good Thursday. I will be enjoying the finale of Project Runway. I'm secretly pulling for Kimberly, but I think Victor will win.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rambling 26: Ticking Off the List

Whew my week to do list is getting shorter. That's the way it should be, but you all know that sometimes you have to work like crazy just to end up with a to do list that is the same length at the end of the week that it was in the beginning..

1. colonial day outfit for grandson -DONE - just waiting to take it to Houston. Shirt and pants look big, so Drew start eating now.

2. booked airline tickets for girls week in Florida in December. HOORAY! A time to replenish my spirit. Very low key. Read, movies, beach time, talk. We've known each other forever. So relaxing!!!

3. two onesies made. I'll take today to cut out a skirt, jumper and dress. Then I'll be ready to sew with Tim Gunn tomorrow night.

So I'm ticking along. How's your week going?

By the way there is now a space on right top of blog where you can sign up to get me in email. Come on, don't make me beg.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rambling 25: Pinterest

Can you believe it is day 25 of posts in October? I've enjoyed my scribbling. Hope some of you have also. I get so few comments that I'm in the dark whether I'm saying anything.

Have you found What a fun site. Basically it gives you space and sources so that creating your inspiration boards is easy. I have 4 going.

Why not a Darth Vader ballerina?
"Things that make me smile."
I love this little girl's attitude

Joyous sheep. Remind me to dance down the road of life.


I want to learn how to dye.

"foods I want to try"
yummy savoury biscuit

"Places I'd like to go to replenish my spirit"

Ahhh! To sit and ponder.

Warning. Pinterest can be addictive.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ramblings 24: In the Workroom

If I was really being truthful with my title, it would include the adjective MESSY. Maybe even MESSIEST YET! I am surrounded by several partially completed projects, piles of fabrics waiting to be cut out and notes. My goal is to have order by Friday.

One of the projects is a colonial outfit for my fifth grade grandson. Remember the colonial dress? Tha was for his mother, his teacher. After completing that - wiping away the flop sweat - I needed a break before thinking colonial again. So I started this weekend with a vest, shirt and pants. I hope the colonial muses will be kind to me and all will go smoothly.

I continue to sew and get ready for my last show of the year. The First Baptist Christmas Spectacular, November 10, 11, 12. This is my 3rd time for this show. I've really enjoyed it. The organisers are sweet. They really try to give the vendors a good experience. I've made some good friends here. So I'm trying to put my best foot forward with lots of beautiful clothes.

Its been a quiet fall with just 3 local shows. Mama Ds and I had expected a different sort of season but life often gets in the way of planning. I love being at Diva Chicks. It's been a successful venue for me. Kay and Edda are a joy to work with. And I now keep most of my stock there, 109 E 7th St, Georgetown, TX, so If you need anything and you're local check there.

Back to the mess. If I just keep stitching away I know chaos will melt into order. Enjoy sweet Ava showing off a corduroy jumper with multi colores trim. Love her smile!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ramblings 23: Computers - love 'em, leave 'em

I just tried to comment on a fellow blog, but I couldn't sign in. Through the process of getting a "smart" phone. (The quotes because truthfully I don't think it is all that smart. It sure can't communicate well with me.), anyway... my smart phone requires a google account. It has created several for me, all with different passwords, but I don't really use any of them. So, of course, I can't remember which password goes with each account. Or which account is current. Now my phone's google accounts have been talking to each other and have popped up on various sites I used to be able to log in. So when I tried to make a comment on a blog, it told me I didn't exist even though it was one blogspot to another. I don't understand. And it makes me a little fearful. What if google decides I don't exist here? Please, please, if I suddenly disappear from your screens, your lists, your internet worlds, be alarmed, very alarmed!!! Maybe I really do not exist.

On a similar note...I have a friend with whom I exchange email, not too often, but for several years. We discovered this week that her email server does not want to talk to my email server. One day they talk. the next day they don't.Her server tells my friend that my server is not running or my queue is full. Not true others are sending me emails. It's a mystery. So she and I met for coffee yesterday afternoon to go over the notes we were trying to discuss. I enjoyed the coffee and  discussion, but we would like to have the option to email each other with thoughts and ideas occasionally. And it leads me to wonder if there are others out there who are not communicating with me because the servers don't want us to. I'm feeling my paranoia growing.

Floating in cyber space as long as the computer will let me.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rambling 22: Wraps

On morning walk Butler and I saw 8 deer. And they saw us. The look out kept a wary eye on us but never sounded the alarm. Love the variations on taupe for their coats. Soft tans, buffs and grays. I love the mornings that start with deer.

Butler is quietly respectful of the deer. He'll stand quietly while I gaze at them. His chase creatures of choice are cats and squirrels. When we go to the dog park he'll spend hours chasing squirrels. I discovered yesterday that he doesn't want to catch them, just chase. He sat very quietly while a confused squirrel didn't notice him and started to scamper at him. If he ever stood a good chance to catch one this ws it. No, Butler waited until the squirrel noticed him, turned and scampered in opposite direction. Then Butler took off and chased. He was very satisfied that squirrel made it to the tree and B could bark while circling the trunk. Funny to watch. As it started I was afraid I'd be dealing with a dead squirrel, but that's a fear I think I can put away.

I've sent out letters to some of the artisan's that I know to outline my dream of a creative coop. If you want to be included in this group or just want to be kept abreast with our progress, email me. I'm happy to send information. 

That's a wrap for today. Go out and enjoy the nice weather. I leave you with some fall color of my own.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Rambling 21: Holiday Look

I love this palette for the holidays. Looks good with red, white or black top and pants. So cheerful. Have a onsie and a skirt that also use the fabrics. Pictures will follow soon.

Don't be shy! You can leave me a comment. Have a great Friday!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rambling 20: Update This

Turned on my computer this morning and screen was full of update notices. Wish it was so easy to update my sore knee, bad eyes and deteriorating teeth. Imagine pushing a button or depressing a key and all would be improved in a few minutes. Life is not that easy!!

Yesterday I watched ABC's The View. There was a very spirited conversation about the Republican debates. The discussion was marred by rudeness. Around that table interrupting is too common, but Elizabeth Hasselbeck was out of order yesterday. Even after being given a chance to say her piece without interruptions, she rudely and continually butted in when Barbara Walters had her turn. I found it disturbing to watch. And it made me think. When did bad manners become acceptable in public forums? Why is yelling one's point of view considered okay? Why is talking over someone else's conversation not frowned upon? Whatever happened to good manners?

Onto a nicer note - this is a week of family birthdays. Good times sharing some special meals with J, P and the 3 grandchildren. I am filled with warmth from the glow of their love for each other and me. xoxoxo

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rambling 19: Cool and Comfortable

Finally! This morning I had to dig in my closet for a long sleeved shirt and long pants to wear for my morning walk. In the low 50s. How sublime.

My thoughts go to fall foods. Soups - a hearty beef, vegetable has always been a family favorite. Not only do soups warm your insides, they even taste better the next day. Two for one. My vegetable soup uses beef jarrets for meat and the wonderful bone. (Wait until Butler discovers that joy.) Add a can of V8 juice to the broth. Can of whole tomatoes crushed. Then cabbage, potatoes, corn, celery and anything else on hand. Then spice with black peppercorns, basil, oregano, rosemary and salt. Simple, easy, delish! I love to eat it with a fresh heavy loaf of pumpernickle. My husband loves to add saltines. The great thing about soup is it allows for a lot of self-expression.

Snuggle up. Warm up with soup. Go autumn!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rambling 18: Enough is Enough!

Yesterday I had coffee with a dear friend, S. She mentioned that her newly remodelled home was being cleaned as she relaxed with me. What a luxury to be able to return to a clean house. She would love to have her abode cleaned every week, but it made her feel guilty. After all she wasn't currently working so she had plenty of time to do housework.

I got to thinking about that. It seems to me that there ought to be a limit to the number of times one should have to clean a bathroom, mop a floor, dust a shelf, scrub a range. After you've reached your limit, say sometime between the ages of 55 - 62, you should leave it to the professional cleaners. It would get you off those arthritic knees and give you time to follow your passion. It would create economic growth by creating more jobs.

Yes, I think I'm on to something. Think about it. Like social security, we pay into it when we'are young and able, draw out when older opening the way for the next generation to take over. Now, if you love scrubbing tubs, you don't have to stop, but for those of us who have spent our quota of cleaning hours, it's time for a rest.

Imagine shiny mirrors, gleaming floors, sparkling fixtures and you didn't have to do it. A retirement fund arranged and paid for a professional cleaner. The icing on the cake - you are stimulating the economy, creating jobs. Oh, my!!!

Dream time over. I've procrastinated enough. I'm off to get my sponge and bucket. See you tomorrow.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Rambling 17: Dotting the I's


Playing with words, again. These are the I's I wish all schools from preschool to college would emphasize. Instead of trying to fit all students into square testworthy boxes, mix the basics with the I's. Encourage teachers and students alike to honor intelligence, imagination, inspiration and innquiry. Explore the world near and far through discussion and examination. Learn about what was, what is and the possibilities of tomorrow. Wow, what can be!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rambling 16: Dreaming of a Successful Craft Business

Like a nagging hangover, I awoke this morning with lingering, incessant thoughts of the Leander High Craft Market yesterday. Was it successful? Not really, rather middling. I made some sales. I did get some feedback. The crowd seemed a bit flat. The lookers were disultry. Nobody seemed to be too excited. And everyone  needed a lot of encouragement to open their wallets. Why was the atmosphere so dull?

In big shows like this the vendor mix has home-based businesses, like Tupperware, next to home crafters, next to fine original handmade goods, next to the local chiroprator offering massages. I never expect such a mix to bring out an exclusive audience ready to appreciate original, creative work at the price that it costs. But I have made some great relationships and built a good customer base at such shows. I consider it an easy step to building a business. Such shows are inexpensive, local  and offer a venue to try out displays (are they eye-catching enough?) and new designs. By the way all feedback was pretty good.

Now I'm ready to try more discriminating shows. I want to go places where the audience is expecting fine handcrafted original work. Where the market goer wants to meet the artists and talk to them about what they are doing. I want to find out if what I'm doing will please this type of audience. That's what I'm hoping to move into with the help of a cooperative of artists. Maybe we will create a gallery to attract such an audience. Maybe we will have to present our own juried event. Maybe it will start with a web site. I have my ideas of possibilities. I am looking forward to see what fellow artisans dream about. Embarking on a journey of exploration. Fun. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rambling 15: Showing

Off to Leander High Craft Market this Saturday morning. It starts at 9:00, ends at 4:00. Short but very sweet. Mama Ds and I are in gym 2. I must remark that this is one of the best run shows I've been part of. Last night there were plenty of polite young baseball players to help unload. Nobody had to wait very long. Sometimes the unloading and loading process can bring out the worst in people. A few of the charming vendors you meet inside, can be snarling wolves outside. But the organizers here have a system that keeps us all happy!

See you tomorrow with an update on all the kind people I know I'll meet today.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Rambling 14: Leander High Craft MArket

Getting ready. Always odds and ends to get together. Organization is not fun but so important. Trying to finish one more dress before tomorrow. I'll see how my day goes. How many interruptions or diversions take place.

See you tomorrow at Leander High Craft Market. It's a large one day show with many vendors. Check out their facebook page for all the reasons to attend!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rambling 13: Signs the Humidity is High

Three signs that the humidity is a bit high.
1. Clothes are sticking to the body.
2. Hair is a curly mop.
3. Glasses are fogging over as soon as you step out the door.

But no high humidity at the Leander High Craft Market this Saturday. Lots of vendors with all the gift ideas you need. See you there.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rambling 12: Cloud Imagination

Sun rose this morning on clusters of seersucker clouds. Soft pastel lined bumps which slowly drifted apart into small tufts. Lovely.

I love clouds. All the different shapes, textures and colors. As a child did you ever lay on your back looking at clouds and naming the different creatures or things they reminded you of? I recently played this game with my grandkids. (After prying them away from video games and TV. lol) We saw a pirate ship, sleeping cat, train locomotive and rhinocerous. Great imaginations.

My 11 year old confided in me that as she was growing older, her imagination didn't work as well. So sad, but I know it isn't true. Imagination survives into old age.

I hope her teachers recognize that an active, healthy imagination is vital. And encourage her and all the students to exercise the imagination muscle. To soar with the clouds.

I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rambling 11: Words

When I decided to blog every day in October, I wasn't sure I had enough thoughts to share. Well, the jury is still out on that. Often there is nothing thoughtful about my ramblings. I'm not sure they are worthy of the name, but I am finding enough to scribble along about. It's turned into a self-serving journal. And I'm enjoting it. Thankfully, you, my readers, have not grumbled, fallen asleep from boredom, or at least you've had the good manners not to tell me. (lol)

Are there words you like for the sound of them or the image they conjure up. One of my favorites is discombobulate. So many syllables, so many vowels, so much confusion. It is what it means. And fun to say. The spitting out of b's is so gratifying. Here are some other fun b words = baby, belly, boobs, Butler, Betty Boop, breathe, butter, begone, bye bye, brood, bling. Try saying them and see if you don't smile. B's are happy letters.. You can really put a lot of feeling into the b. Do you have favorite sounds or words?

A discombobulated posting this morning, but that is how my mind was wandering. Have a beautiful, bountiful, blessed day! As for me, I'm just going to be bobbing along in the workroom.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Rambling 10: Deer Thoughts

On this morning's walk Butler and I met 5 deers. (B was a gentleman and let them pass without a lot of hulabaloo.) So graceful. I wish I could glide like that when I walked. They were very watchful, but they didn't bolt. I think they were enjoying the aftermath of the rain.

The deer travel in families, looking after each other. Seems like they have a lookout. One who is always ready to shout out the alarm. Then there are the young ones usually looking to follow the mom. If she startles, the babes move fast. It's fascinating to watch them move in concert - slow and stately.

Speaking of someone looking out for others. I want to send a huge thank you to Jenny D of Mama Ds. She does all the physical setting up and breaking down for me at shows. Without her I would have to give up exhibiting at craft shows. And next to the joy of creating, getting to share the fruits of my labor with customers, other crafters and the community, is so important to keeping my creative spirit healthy. Jenny D, I love you for supplying the muscle for my soul.

Next show is Saturday, Oct. 15. Leander High Craft Market. Check out their facebook page. Put on by the high school baseball boosters, a very well run show with an impressive roster of vendors. It will be fun.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rambling 9: Wet

No walk this  morning - RAIN. Butler doesn't understand and doesn't like being wet. Whatever happened to his morning stroll? On the other hand you can practically hear the trees, bushes and grass singing in the rain.

Yesterday's Market Days was cut short by a series of  showers. From 1:00 on we were sporatically getting downpours. Oh well, the beginning was bustling. Good news for me comments about the new corduroy jumpers and long-sleeved onesies were positive. Whew!!

So sewing and rearranging while looking out at the wet. Good Sunday!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rambling 8: Let It Rain

Nope, not a drop yet. Georgetown Market Days  has begun. Come on down. I'm leaving shortly ro relieve Jennifer D, MamaDs shortly. I'll only be there for a couple of hours. The wonderful thing about having a younger partner is that they do the setting up and breaking down. I wish I had that kind of energy and physical ability still.

Rain is still predicted for later - just like I wished. Hope, hope hope we get some rain. Everything is so dry and dusty. Maybe in tomorrow's ramblings I'll have something good to report.

Meantime come and visit. I promise you Jenny D has some great bags using beautiful materials, also, burp cloths, bibs etc for babies. And don't forget to look at Annarella Girl. Lots of new dresses, jumpers and onesies. And cute headbands to go with them.

So have I begged enough? See you.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Rambling 7: Weather Aches

Cloudy skies. Looks like rain. Further proof that we might see some wet stuff - my aching knees and back. For you youngsters out there it is true, old bones trumpet changes in the weather. It seems our battered joints are like little barometers registering the change in pressure with pain. This morning's walk was difficult.

On the other hand yesterday's meeting with friend was very productive. She asked insightful questions, gave good observations and encouraged me to continue with my efforts. I've bot a letter ready to be sent to people I hope might be interested. Now I'm working on an outline of  purpose, structure and benefits of my proposed craft cooperative. Hope to have that done by next week. I'm feeling energized!!!

A note about "occupation." The talking heads are all over this new movement - analyzing it, dissecting it, comparing it, etc. In other words trying to suck the life out of it. It appears to be an honest outcry against corporate greed and government inaction. Pretty straight forward. It is based on anger. Ordinary hard working Americans are tired of corporations so worried about a small drop in profits that they don't care how badly they abuse their customers.

Examples - airlines charging for first bag. doesn't make sense. There customer is a traveler who must have baggage to carry what they will need for their trip. They are charging for a necessity. (Thank you Southwest Airlines for not doing this.) If the airlines need to keep their profits up maybe they need to look toward cutting their executives salaries and bonuses. I'm sure they could save some money there.
And Bank of America's latest suggestion to charge their customers for bank card access to their own money. Egregious. Aggressively anti-consumer. No wonder people are angry.

Ordinary citizens are tired, disgusted and a bit embarassed by our politicians. The fighting and inaction is harmful to our economy. The name-calling behavior is nothing short of criminal to citizens who are looking for jobs, trying to raise families on less, striving to survive. They can't believe that these people they elected can't do their jobs better. They can't believe these people they elected do not care about doing their jobs. They feel betrayed and ignored. And now they are angry.  Maybe by "occupying" they can get some attention. Politicians and corporations listen - the sound you hear is change,

Enough sermonizing for today.   

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rambling 6: Crafty Thoughts

Today I meeting with a friend to discuss the craft cooperative idea. I need her help to focus on a concept. She and I have worked together in the past. We make good partners. Her organizational abilities offset and compliment my vague dreaminess. How does she combine a creative imagination with the ability to dot the i's? She probably doesn't even realize what an unusual combination of skills she has.

I've been doing some research. Trying to stumble over an ideas/ideas that resonate with me. What I am learning is that there are a lot of crafters who want to run a successful business and are exploring some interesting avenues. Right in my own back yard is Austin Craft Mafia. Nine incredibly talented people who have supported each other and the craft scenefor a while. It is also very interesting to see how each individual has evolved. Thought provoking. Awe inspiring. They have encouraged a bunch of craft mafia groups across the U.S.

So off to coffee, talk and imagine. I'll keep you all updated since I know my walks will be filled with thinking about the possibilities.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rambling 5: Mixed Up

When I started this, I said that my early morning walk with Butler has become my favorite part of the day. I must revise that thought. Truly the best part of the walk is the end. After breathing all the fresh air, relishing the touch of cool air on my skin, The first cup of coffee on returning home is the best. As I round the final corner to home, I can almost smell the coffee brewing, and my hands feel the smooth warmth of my chosen mug. Ahhh!

Irony. The weather people are predicting a real chance for rain on Saturday, Georgetown Market Days. We need rain desperately, so I can't hope against it, but.... For all the organizers, the vendors, merchants and attendees, I hope for sun until 5pm. Then the skies can open up with a soaking rain. By the way rain or shine, Mama Ds and Annarella Girl will be set up on Main street between 7th and 8th.

Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rambling 4, Georgetown Market Days

The week before a show always has a different rhythm. Georgetown Market Days (click on highlight for time, place and other info.) is this Saturday. Even though it is a small event, Mama Ds (check out etsy shop for wonderful new bags.) and I hope to get some positive feedback on new items, some sales and some special orders. Is that too much to ask? In the 4 days remaining in the week there are lots of odds and ends. Making sure display stuff is ready. Finding a few shirts and tights to display with clothes. Gathering all the bags, business cards, receipt books, etc.

I still have a list of clothes I wish I could make. Not enough time. But I am excited to see how the audience likes the corduroy jumper. (Be prepared for a week of whine if the comments aren't good.) Also, the long sleeved onesie. We, craft show exhibitors, get anxious before shows. Will you love us? Will you ignore us?

Off to finish a jumper. See you tomorrow.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Rambling 3 Shades of Gray

Are any of you fans of Andy Rooney? I've always enjoyed his view of life's particulars. Last night CBS' 60 Minutes said goodbye to him as a regular contributor. I will miss his end pieces. They made me laugh and nod in familiarity. Can you believe he is 92? What a lot of life and changes he's seen and commented on!

Morely Safer interviewed Andy about his career and his beliefs, and he said one thing that really struck a chord with me. When asked about his politics, he said, "I'm more democratic than republican." In 5 words he wrote volumes. Our political world has become so black and white - republican or democrat. But the reality is that most of us are a mix of both. Few of us, at least the ones I know, believe 100% in what either party stands for. We are shades of gray. We lean more to one party than another, but we appreciate stands in each. I think it is important to recognise our similarities, to applaud our grays. Maybe this would be a step toward compromise and therefore progress.

Monday thoughts for a better world.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rambling 2, Comfort Foods

What a wonderful cool morning. Breathing in the good air. Enjoying the Sunday quiet. Some mornings our walk is crowded with others - dogs leading their owners, walkers, joggers and bikers - but today Butler and I only met one other jogger. Felt like we had the world to ourselves.

With cool weather here, finally feel autumn has started. My thoughts go to comfort foods. Last night we had one of our favorite  cool weather, baseball playoffs, football games, dinners. Chili with cornbread and apple crisp for dessert. Since we're not native Texans we have both meat and beans in our chili. It makes it hearty. Lots of protein. Need that for all that couch sitting. and the bonus is that it makes great leftovers. Chili is one of those dishes that just gets better, more flavorful the next day.

Apple crisp - a childhood memory of fall when apples from our own tree were plentiful and needed to be used. If we were old enough to wield a knife we all pitched in to peel and slice, ever watchful for the occasional worm. The warm odor while it cooked infused the  kitchen. Ahh, cinnamon and brown sugar.

Okay, now I've made my self so hungry, excuse me while I wander into kitchen for a lunch treat of leftovers.
See you tomorrow.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Walking with Butler

Every morning for months the dog rouses me out of bed and into a walk. While he is so busy sniffing for all the night inhabitants who have crossed his trail, my mind is free to soar and dip in random thought. It's become my favorite time of the day. A bit of exercise for the body and mind.

During this month of October I've decided that I will share some of my morning thoughts. So walk with me.

I've come very close to ending Annarella Girl this summer. Or ending the commercialization of AG. Seems like I'm not growing. As I've analyzed my situation, I realise that I love the creating of designs and clothes, but I miss, miss, miss having contact with and feedback from other creative people. That is what is wearing me down. And that leads me to this morning's thoughts.

After dreaming of having a group of smart, creative, successful artisans discovering me and begging me to become a part of their ranks (lol), I've realized that I must go out and try to organize such a group. So I'm thinking about ways to do this and to what end. My vision is not just a talky get-together (after all none of us has time to waste), but something which might explore the challenges of creative businesses - marketing, sales opportunities, using the interent effectively. Combining our talents, energies and minds to further our businesses. Maybe create a once a year event which combines hands on workshops, informational workshops, social opportunities and selling. Sounds a little disjointed but that's how dreams begin.

Anyone out there have any ideas to throw into my muddled mind? I've got plenty of morning walks to ponder them all. See you tomorrow.