Friday, October 12, 2012


Many thoughts; little time.

Had a fun Wednesday this week. My 3 Georgetown grandchildren went with me to see "Frankenweenie," Tim Burton's new movie. What a chuckle. It is jam packed full of horror film references, some blatant and others subtle. My favorite character was Sparky. He was so full of life and loving wagging like the dog in my house. Can't wait to buy the kids the DVD when it is released. I couldn't believe that they knew every Tim Burton movie and liked them all. My grandkids are a hoot!!!

Tonight is the reception for the juried art show from Georgetown Art Works. This show just gets better and better each year. Come join the fun with food, drink and artists from 6-8 at the library. The organisers are all volunteer and have worked very hard to mount a good show. If you can't make the opening reception, you can take in the show whenever the library and other venues are open. For the first time there is a student show at the Williamson County Museum. They have a special get together on Saturday.

Next week I'm joining a couple of long time friends to unwind. A time to catch up with our lives. A time to do niothing. Doesn't sound too exciting to my husband and kids, but to other women they understand. Doing nothing when you want and with who you want is sooo special. So excuse my distraction as I eagerly anticipate a few days of R&R.

See you all tonight!! If not, wishing you a good weekend.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Little Holiday Spirit

The morning talk shows are talking about the new Neiman Marcus Christmas wish catelogue which is as always filled with over the top gift ideas. They feature some outlandish fantasy gifts. My wishes are not so exotic, nor are the gifts that I will be giving.

This year I'm trying to give as many handmade gifts as possible. I think of this as a "feed an artist" venture. So , family, don't give me your gift list as I'm going off the grid to get things you didn't know you wanted until now. I'm hoping you will be pleased with them and not hide them in a closet only to be brought out when I come to visit. Each item has been chosen with care and reflects my image of you. (I hope this is complementary. Does anyone remember the "Brady Bunch" episode when the crazy aunt visits and brings Jan a special present? Jan doesn't want to be like her crazy aunt and hates her gift. Am I the crazy relative?)

What I want - time spent with me. Morning conversation over cups of coffee. Hugs, warm strong hugs from my children and grandchildren. Cookies baked with love. Love all around. Now, these are my fantasy gifts!

Speaking of gifts. Here's my latest suggestion for a baby gift.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Cool Monday

Central Texas is having Autumn. Eat your hearts out, my northern readers. This morning in the 50's to warm to 70's by afternoon. Yipee, I had to wear long sleeves this weekend for the first time.

I spent endless years in the North. While I endured some hot weather for short periods of time, my closet always had some sweaters and lightweight jackets to put on for cool evenings. Now living in the South my winter closet always has some shorts and short sleeve shirts as I never go too many days without needing light clothes. Folks, that is the big difference between us southerners and northeners!

I pause to listen. Ahhh, the sound of silence. Yep, the air conditioners are quiet. My pocketbook is enjoying this time between the electric bills for the hot, hot summer and the heating bills of the winter. Winter bills are much less but still an increase over the fall months of wonderful weather. It's nice to take a breather.

So I'm sewing away in the cool of Monday morning. Outside my window the trees and grass are very green. My fall colors are in the fabrics I use. Some browns, greens, blues and rust. Enjoying life this Monday morning.

Friday, October 5, 2012

First Friday

Tonight is October's First Friday in downtown Georgetown. This is a tradition that brings a large audience to our Square. Always energetic. Always fun!

I'm so excited for tonight because "Little Loft" (above The Exchange on 8th st) is hosting a trunk show for Matilda Jane. This children's clothing line is what inspired me to create Annarella Girl. It is funky, colorful and different. I try to channel that same vibe in my clothes while creating a different look. While we both combine colors and patterns in unexpected ways, I'm a bit more color crazy. And I'm still producing everything from my sewing room  by hand, stitch by stitch. My line is limited edition and often one of a kind.

Make sure you stop by tonight to see some Matilda Jane and some new Annarella Girl. You can have the best dressed daughter, granddaughter, cousin, niece, goddaughter around!!!

PS. I'm pairing leggings or leg warmers with most dresses and skirts. Some have a handmade crocheted flower and some are without. So cute!!!! I love the idea of flowers on legs.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


As I push open the door to the waiting room, every head turns with eye patches in place under a gray head of hair. Welcome, to the "over the hill" pirate convention taking place every Tuesday at the eye doctor's office. It is 24 hours after catarac removal surgery. We are a motley crew but excited to remove the patch and see.
And I do. For the first time ever I not only know that a giant E tops the eye chart, I can actually see it. Ta Dum!!! I'm at my computer without glasses. Maybe there will actually be fewer typos. Hurray!! This afternoon I'll be driving to the grocery store. It promises to be a new world.

A special thanks to my son, Jeff, and his boss, J Bryant Boyd. Jeff has had to ferry me to appointments, and Bryant has had to allow him the time off. I have the greatest son, and he has the most understanding boss! I couldn't have done this without you all.

I'm off to plunder the world with a very happy dog at my side. (He was very confused and concerned with my pirate garb.)