Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Memories

Sixty-nine years of memories weigh heavy sometimes. So many where to begin.

When I was little.... It was all about the Easter Bunny, basket and eggs. I was excited to don my new clothes and endure church, but my focus was on what happened after - the hunt. Magically the bunny visited while we were at services. How did he know when that was? To a 4 year old the impossible logistics of magic surrounding Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny were not a worry. How they got to everyone in a timely fashion wasn't something I really thought about. No, I was content to buy the impossibilities and concentrate on the fun, chocolate and jelly beans.

Finding and gathering the brightly colored eggs was a joy filled activity. Okay, maybe a little competitive, we always counted our bounty, who had the most? It was amazing how many hiding places there were where the eggs could hide - inside the bend of a gutter, tucked in the tufts of tall grass, balanced in a bush, nestled in the tree roots. We had to look high and low with an occasional clue from our parents. Then there was a short period after we had found all we could the said parents tromped around looking for the one missing egg that was hidden too well. Rarely was that one found until days later when our noses followed the rotten smell to the secret place.

In my teens Easter was less about the hunt, eggs and baskets; more about the clothes. What care was taken to get the right dress, shoes, hat and gloves. We preened and critiqued what the congregation was sporting. Always certain that we were among the best-dressed. Ah, the olden days. A hat was mandatory as well as gloves. Easter bonnets had flowers, ribbons and straw. Gloves were pristine white, at least starting out. The bane of every mother and little girl was keeping track of both gloves and then keeping them white. I was never good at either of those two activities.

Sometime in my teens my mother decided that we were too old for Easter baskets. What an outcry we raised. No chocolate bunnies, no foil covered chocolate eggs, no gumdrops, no jelly beans? So a compromise was offered. She, the resident Easter bunny, would create a communal basket centerpiece for our dining room table. Not a perfect solution since there ws always a little squabbling about the center big bunny. We would break off pieces to eat, but (what follows has no logic to it but familys often operate without rational.) there were some of us who wanted to start with the tail, others who wanted the ears, and still others who wanted to keep it intact for a s long as possible. I was a tail person. I liked the illusion of an full-eared front, and I hated it when my brother would just race through lopping off the tip of an ear recklessly creating a very lop-sided rabbit. But what did work well were the jelly beans. I loved (and still do) black licorice jelly beans. And the family was happy to let me have them all. Bliss in our family of 5 children was not having to fight for your treat.

What happy memories. What are yours?

Friday, March 22, 2013

List Making

Sunrise yesterday was gorgeous - such inspiring colors. Everyday the dawn is different. Mother nature, you rock!

Grabbing a cup of coffee I toddle off to my work room to try and mold my day. Making a list is the way I try to order my time. A few days ago I posted about spring fever and its effect on me - lack of focus, task hopping, and general purposelessness. In order to correct and corral my energies I make a list of tasks to accomplish. Not a glamorous solution but it works for me.

So after breathing in the fresh spring air and feasting on the rosy sunrise, I tackle the to do list. It pays off. Of the 6 tasks I target as important to finish...drum roll please...5 are crossed off. Ahhhhh, my world seems manageable again.

My dream is to spend all my time creating - composing with fabrics; painting with cloth. In reality, the occasional spate of paper work, list making and (dare I admit it) organizing clears my mind and reenergizes my artistic side. Just not too much.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn."   Hal Borland

This quote greeted me in my email this morning from Goodreads. I post it especially for my northern friends who are still experiencing winter storms. Hang in there!

Bluebonnets, something to smile about.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Tuesday Muse

The world out of my workroom window is green. The new green of budding leaves, my favorite color. So bright. Clean. Clear. It is  filled with hope. An affirmation that life continues anew. My spirit says ahhhhhh.

Here are a few skirts and dresses with some spring green.

Wallow in the new green with me!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Is It Spring Fever or an Allergy Attack?

Last week I could feel a creeping lacksadaisical attitude taking over. Not a sickness. More of a boredom. Lack of direction. No excitement.

You know when you think you are hungry, and you refrigerator surf looking for something that will satisfy that urge, but nothing really seems to hit the spot. A nibble of this, a nosh of that. You end up filling physically stuffed but still unsatisfied.

Well, that is how I was last week except not with food (although I confess I did my share of mindless snacking) but a lack of direction, no concentration. Leaving lots of half-done projects on my sewing table. Feeling at loose ends. When I was in my sewing room, I was looking longingly out the window at the birds flying, squirrels scampering, and leaves budding. When I was outside, I was worrying about everything that was undone whether it be sewing, cleaning, cooking or organizing.

Is this spring fever?

Or maybe it's just a result of increased pollen in the air. Not severe allergies but just enough to make me feel logey (how do you spell that?). A little out of sorts. As if the world marches on and I'm a 1/2 step behind or off to the side or slightly turned around.

This Monday morning finds me hoping that I will be a bit more focused this week. To give each project undivided attention, and every trip outside deep enjoyment. Smelling the roses.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


So sorry for not paying attention to my readers. Hang in there this time will pass. I've been preoccupied with special orders (Yea!!!), business details and lots of the minutia of  ordinary life. I have nothing exciting to say or share.

So bear with me. I will be back. Maybe to pontificate or rant. Maybe to share some designs and creations. Or maybe just to ramble like today.

Happy Sunday.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Rainy Day

Here in Central Texas we haven't been getting many rainy days. So we greet one with joy. We want the spring flowers to bloom. Those new green buds and leaves on the trees need the moisture. So despite this being a huge weekend and coming week in Austin, SXSW, we must smile as the raindrops spatter our roads and sidewalks. (Besides, the weatherpeople say it won't last.)

Speaking of spring and blooming, here is something new fron Annarella Girl.

A pillowcase dress with some differences. Pillowcase dresses have been around for a long time. In fact they were originally made out of pillow cases. I've been looking at them for awhile when a customer mentioned how easy it seemed it would be to make them reversible. Light bulb moment. Of course!!!!
Add a top band and a bottom band that echoes the reverse. Make with a bit of an a-line shape for easy running and dancing. Don't you think that is important for every little girl? And Voila!


What do you think? Now I'm into final phase of development. I've put a call out for a local 18 month old who would wear it and then have it washed to make sure of ease of care. Keep your fingers crossed that the idea doesn't need too much more fine tuning.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Workroom

So many fabrics....

So many ideas....
Never enough time.
I need to thank my sister, M, and my sister-in-law, P, for being my extra hands. With their help I hope to have loads of dresses and skirts for my 2 big spring shows.
Red Poppy Festival, April 28-29. Right here in Georgetown, my hometown. Always fun and always successful. Hoping for sunny weather.
Wilminton Flower Market, May 9 -11. East coast, here, I come. Wilmington DE holds family and friends plus this longstanding fair that raises funds for a lot of children's charities.
I had hoped for another big show back here in Austin, the Renegade Craft, but I didn't get accepted. I must trust that they know that I'm not a good fit for their audience. I'm taking it as a sign that I need to search harder for my audience. Actually I have 2 retailers that I want to talk to. So I'm going to see if they have any room or need for the cutest girls clothing ever!!!!