Monday, March 18, 2013

Is It Spring Fever or an Allergy Attack?

Last week I could feel a creeping lacksadaisical attitude taking over. Not a sickness. More of a boredom. Lack of direction. No excitement.

You know when you think you are hungry, and you refrigerator surf looking for something that will satisfy that urge, but nothing really seems to hit the spot. A nibble of this, a nosh of that. You end up filling physically stuffed but still unsatisfied.

Well, that is how I was last week except not with food (although I confess I did my share of mindless snacking) but a lack of direction, no concentration. Leaving lots of half-done projects on my sewing table. Feeling at loose ends. When I was in my sewing room, I was looking longingly out the window at the birds flying, squirrels scampering, and leaves budding. When I was outside, I was worrying about everything that was undone whether it be sewing, cleaning, cooking or organizing.

Is this spring fever?

Or maybe it's just a result of increased pollen in the air. Not severe allergies but just enough to make me feel logey (how do you spell that?). A little out of sorts. As if the world marches on and I'm a 1/2 step behind or off to the side or slightly turned around.

This Monday morning finds me hoping that I will be a bit more focused this week. To give each project undivided attention, and every trip outside deep enjoyment. Smelling the roses.

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