Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New from my studio

I love what I'm doing. Putting together different prints and colors for each dress or skirt. Each grouping has its own personality. Creating simple patterns which are easy to wear - super comfortable. Combining practicality with beauty.

Here are a few dresses currently in my studio waiting to be labeled and put on hangers. I'm working on the mid-size range, 2-4, for a trunk show at Annarella Home on First Friday, June 5. These fabrics are soft and oh, so colorful.

Those of you in Texas, don't miss the chance to come see what's new. I can't wait to talk to you! I'll post more details later.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day - building memories

Memorial Day is a time to remember - especially all who serve or served in the military. For me it's a time to remember my father, Jack Knowlton, Uncle Dave Knowlton and Uncle Martin Knowlton, who all served in World War II. Daddy was 4F for several years of the war until 1944 when apparently the draft pool was running out of eligible men so drafted him to serve stateside only, thereby releasing somebody else who was physically able to go to the war front. I don't know the details of Uncle Dave's service except he was in for a longer time. Uncle Martin was a pacifist who first drove an ambulance for the Free French in the Middle East and then after the US joined the war served as a medic in the Pacific. They all believed in the freedoms of the US and the equality of man (and woman). Serving in the military was only one way in which they lived out their beliefs. They were very special young men, yet very typical of their generation. I'm proud to be of their gene pool.

On a lighter note we, along with millions of Americans, celebrated the day, not in sorrow but in joy, with a cookout and family. (These soldiers did what they felt they had to do for the sake of their families. So in a way every time we enjoy our families we celebrate what they did.) So we had fun doing some ordinary things which I hope my grandchildren will remember in yars to come.

Water balloons and a battle lead to some hot weather fun.
Then hours on a slip and slide. (What a great invention - easy to set up, inexpensive, hours of fun.)

Then the master of the grill. On the menu ribs, ratatouille, cole slaw and watermelon!

And for the finale, sparklers.

A fine Memorial Day. I hope you had a great day building some family memories of your own.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A bit of etsy summer

Memorial Day weekend always feels like the beginning of summer to me. So using key words "summer colors" I cruised around etsy to see what was interesting.

Leaf Print Studio does this wallet. This is one of my favorite fabrics right now in my dresses and skirts. It makes a great wallet. She uses lots of good prints and her construction looks solid.

Botanical Creations has this glass pendant listed with dried flowers ahdered to the back Wouldn't it be wonderful to always have a bit of summer with you? Wouldn't this make a great gift for a gardener?

From Finland Handmade by Mia lists this red felted purse with summer flowers. So unique and colorful. Not too big but good for your essentials - lipstick, cell, money etc. This would make a great graduation gift!

A seashore bowl with starfish which would look good anywhere. I can picture it on the small table on my porch. Although I am far from the seashore, I'd love to have this as a reminder of past summer fun. Check into Elm Studio Online to see this and other items.

Wow!! I have some Jonathan Adler plasticware in these colors. I want these for my kitchen. Leaf Print Studio you are wonderful! Now if I can find some dish towels in the same colors and spirit. But I leave that for another day.

Treat yourself to a stroll through etsy if you haven't visited lately. I'm sure you'll find some things to love! Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend.

Oh, and don't forget to keep checking my shop! (Shameless promotion #2.)

Friday, May 22, 2009

New dresses

This is how my morning started. My husband showed up at the door of my office with the cantalope. (It was presented without the missing bites. I ate a bit before I thought to take the picture.) It tasted as good as it looks. Way to go, hon!

Here are a few of the dresses I've been working on. Later today I'll list them on my etsy site. I'm working to rebuild stock in the mid-sizes range.

Size 4 brown, blue and a touch of pink. This combination of colors has proved to be popular. Looks good for the summer but can also transition to fall or winter when worn with a shirt and leggings. All dresses are constructed with adjustable shoulder straps so they span almost two sizes which means lots of wear.Size 2 Another very popular color palette - green, brown, aqua and a bit of hot pink. Most of the fabrics are ones I've been using for a while. The dark brown print is a new one.Size 4 This is a special order for Maryjean. I love the way it turned out I hope she does. too.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Artist Paula Rose

On the trip to the Wilmington Flower Market I stopped in Fredricksburg, VA and visited with two of my favorite artists, I talked about Joan Gardner two days ago. Today I want to tell you about Paula Rose and direct you to her website,
Paula has a unique way of manipulating her oils so that her layers are very thin and frequently the canvas is left exposed in places.

Another of her trademarks is the flat perspective which lends an ethereal quality.All in all her pieces have a feel of physical lightness as if they could float off the walls. I love them!

Visit her website or if near Fredricksburg stop into her gallery, meet her white cat and chat with this interesting artist.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I hope you all are reading Tyson's blog. He is finding some interesting images and artists to share.

He's also giving us a sneak peek at his work for the Berlin show this summer. It is very interesting. I see aspects of his former style and subjects, but he is evolving into more abstract forms and a more complex palette.

Don't you love it! Check in to get more information on his exhibit and see another piece.

Sweet Girls fom the Flower Market

I want to share some photos of girls in clothes from the Flower Market.

Pretty in pink is Isabella, my grandniece. She and her mom, Jessica, spent several hours enjoying the rides and food. Stopping into my booth often to talk, share lunch and really good ice cream. It was so nice to have the time with both of them. And, of course, Isabella makes a great model for the Annarella Girl skirt she owns.

Aren't these two girls wonderful in their dresses? Their mom, tookidmommy, emailed these pics to me of the girls in their dresses bought at the Flower Market. Now I think my clothes are cute, but boy, don't they look even better when worn by two such pretty girls. Thanks, Maryjean, for sharing these with me.

You can see more of my dresses at where I'm posting what I brought back from the Flower Market and some of the new ones I'm working on.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Home after a long trip

Finally home. Although I always enjoy a road trip, I love how good my own bed feels when I get home.

The Flower Market was a successful show. I met so many nice people, got to reconnect with some good friends, lots of family time and I almost sold out. My remaining stock is being posted on my etsy site. Stop by over next several days as I get it all on. Plus as I create new dresses and skirts, I'll be adding them.

I spent some time with one of our family artists, Joan Mastin Gardner, in Fredericksburg, VA. She was one of the first artists we featured at Annarella. What a treat to see her and her beautiful home which is full of her art and the art of others. A feast for the eyes.

She is always a little irreverent and ironic. I wish she had a website so I could share more of her pieces with you.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging

Tyson Skross has become a blogger. He's posted 2. Take a trip over to see him. Ty's blog.

While you're surfing the internet, take a trip on Allyson Smith's website. Its been updated to include all her current work.

I'm starting my driving trip to Wilmington, Delaware, for the Wilmington Flower Market, May 7,8,9. We're taking our time and stopping to see some family on the way. I'm not sure what internet access I'll have while away, but we'll be back by May 15.

Annarella Home Design Studio is moving to the Atrium at 800 S Austin Ave. Pamela will continue to work with her existing and new clients. Email her for info

Have a great May Day. Make sure to smell the roses.