Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday: Amuse Bouche

Here are a few snippets I'm pondering today.

Ed Asner during interview on CBS Sunday Morning. (paraphrased) I feel like a little kid in anadult body. Can I ever relate to that. How about you?

Last night's sky was a mosaic of snow white clouds, dark gray thunderheads, light gray wisps with accents of bright blue splashed about. Nature is a wonderous thing.

Morning talk about upcoming debates. I feel like I'm observing a train wreck. Can't take my eyes off the ufolding scene all the while I'm cringing. I'm hoping both candidates decide to show politness while engaging in a substansive discussion.

And from Ms. Mediocrity "Sometimes you have to give up the things that aren't working." Ah, but the question is, what are those things?
"Sometimes you have to pull the weeds that have crept into your life to make room for the flowers." But I'm afraid I'll pull a flower that is temporarily disguised as a weed.
"And sometimes you have to stop everything and just sit for a moment enjoying the viewe."

Just some little thoughts that resonate on this Sunday.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Time keeps on runninging even when I try to ignore it. Summer is my favorite season, and it is always bittersweet to say goodbye. Goodbye to long summer days. So long to summer flowers. Adios to sweet tomatoes and corn. Adieu to killer humidity and monstrous electric bills.

Hello to cool mornings. Welcome to soups and cornbread. Bonjour to the sweet smell of burning fireplaces. Good day to long sleeves.

Since I'm too old to roll in the fallen leaves, I'm rollicking with autumh's colors - gold, rust, bronze, green, orange and a splash of red.

Moments to enjoy the change of seasons. What do you like about fall?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcoming a "Normal" Day

I still have car problems, but I'm taking a day off from worrying about that. I'm declaring this a "normal" day. A bit of washing and ironing, a quick swifter to the tile floors, and then time in the sewing room.

I'm working on a corduroy jumper with a fall vibe  pink, brown, cream and yellow zinnias on an orange background. Here it sits on my ironng board awaiting the bottom ruffle which is hot pink. So Annarella Girl!

Above the jumper style is beautifully modeled. She shows how cute it looks with a tee and leggings. Very comfortable! I'm working on some leggingts to go with the jumpers and dresses. Hope to have some soon to show you.

Here in central Texas, we are having flashes of autumn. Mornings are cooler; afternoons not quite so hot. It is inspiring me to work on pieces for the coming seasons. What do you like about fall?  I love plaid flannels and corduroy. I love curling up with a good book under a warm throw. I love colorful, funky knee socks. How about you?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Calling Mom

Even though I am a lady into my "golden" years, every once in a while I have a day when I desparately want to call my mom. I want to pretend I am a child, and all the mishaps in my life can be cured with a kiss on my booboo. Yesterday was such a day.

Nothing big, mostly car problems, surrounded by the stress of helping the invalid return to full health. Cars baffle me. I don't really want to know much about them. I want to open the door, turn the key, and be on my way with radio going and cool air coming through the vents. Not going to happen today. Seems like along with no air conditioning, the car has a brake problem. Help, mom. Can you and daddy handle this? I feel very ignorant around mechanics, and they do tend to treat me as such. I had to resort to getting my son (Talk about someone who is having a lot of stress as he tries to balance job, family and care for helpless parents!!! Send him lots of hugs.) So anyway I had to get son on the phone so he could talk man to man with the repair man. Upshot of all car problems is that I have to get in the queu for a brake diagnosis. Probably for the ac, plenty of wishing for cool weather so we can handle that later.

Meantime I've had my moments of yearning to have my Mommy take over and handle my problems. Now it's back to adulthood and reality. We'll all get through this, including you, my faithful readers, who have had to listn to alot of whining lately.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Finally, the day is nigh. Friday is freedom day. The last trip to the rehabilitation hospital. Home comes the patient along with the walker, flex machine, tiny little "bike," and extraneous other equipment. It well be a carful, but a trip eagerly anticipated. Husband is really doing well. Hooray!

As caretaker I will appreciate not making the once or twice a day 30 minute trip to see him. The dog will appreciate not having to spend so many hours alone. My credit card will appreciate fewer stops at the gas pumps. So it is freedom for both of us.

We have  learned from this experience - too much about our medical systems. Medical care could be/should be better. But we are thankful for the caring and considerate aides and therapists who have been kind and careful to explain what is going on. and who have spent time with the patient. Good for them!!!

Thanks to all who have phoned, emailed, etc. to support. We couldn't have done it without you.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor of Love

Happy Labor Day!! It's time to celebrate the winding down of summer. Although the thermometer is stuck at 100, the morning is slower to come and evening turns our lights on sooner. The seasons of the year march on. Fall approaches. Can Thanksgiving and Christmas be far behind? Oh my.

I'm busy sewing for fall and winter. My palettes become deeper in shades of magenta, golden yellow, and rich browns. I've worked on some plaid jumpers. When I was a schoolgirl, I always had a new dress for the first day of school and it was always plaid. So I associate cooler weather with plaids in greens, blues and reds. Having found some wonderful brushed cotton flannels, I'm happily channeling my inner girl into an updated plaid jumper. Fun,funky and comfortable. Ah..... It may not be a color of my youth but it satisfies my memories.

A labor of love from my sewing room.