Friday, October 23, 2009

Dresses for Judy

I'm posting a bunch of pictures of what I have in stock in size 12-18 mos. I've included notes on the ones in pinks. This is for Judy who wanted to know; but anyone with questions and requests, chime in.
I'm almost out of this black windowpane fabric. So I can't duplicate this dress exactly.What I'm describing is the one I have left in 12-18 mos. Also, to further confuse all of you, the bottom ruffle has been changed. Current dress ues same false patchwork fabric as seen on top is repeated in bottom ruffle with the flowery fabric used to line ruffle.
Front and back of an apron dress. Pink and green circles on a black background make up the attached apron. The bodice and body are a combination of pink and black fabrics. The shoulder straps are ties. The ribbon sash is sewed on in front but ties in back for size adjustment. This dress is made of a combination of pinks with brown accents. It also has fabric shoulder ties and a ribbon sash sewn in front but adjustable in back.
Below a quick glimpse of others which are other color combinations.

Judy, let me know if you want more pics or info.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Notes from the Workroom

Another rainy day in central Texas. A good day for organizing and catching up with cutting out both skirts and dresses to sew this coming week. I finally feel like I'm getting ahead of inventory. With an upcoming kiosk in The Exchange at Annarella, I have a deadline (and don't we all work more eficiently and faster with a deadline?) I'm focused and excited. The Exchange is a very good thing for central Texas. A great opportunity for Annarella Girl.

Because I will have a permanent home now, I've decided to only go to two shows for the upcoming holiday season. In Georgetown the FBC Christmas Spectacular is Nov 12, 13, 14. In Houston the Cougar Christmas Market Dec 12 & 13. I'm forgoing the outdoor shows this fall. I'm not up to battling the wind and rain. The above shows are under roof which means an easier setup for me!!!

These are 3 photos from my workroom. A little peek of some finished dresses and 2 different skirts in the early stages. You probably can't make out much in the pics, but I'm always available by email to chat about colors and fabrics and looks. Or see you November 2 at the grand opening of The Exchange at Annarella/

Friday, October 9, 2009


Here it comes - an old geezer alert - rant ahead.

I hate, strongly dislike, abhor, abominate, loathe and detest automated phone systems. The last several days I've spent hours with Directv, Verizon and my health benefits center communicating with various recordings just trying to get to a live representative for answers to questions. I'm frustrated and exhausted. I apologize to the representative when I finally get to them for my poor attitude but really it's their fault for using all my patience just to reach a real person. Then the real person has a script they must run through before I can get to my situation and there goes my last nerve. (I know, I know they are saving money by not having to pay so many real people, but at what cost as they are alienating oodles of customers. Me thinks, they don't give a rat's...!)

I bemoan the loss of customer caring. Whenever possible I don't deal with these national corporations where their attitude is that they are doing me a favor allowing me to do business with them. Rather I try to choose local or smaller businesses that act like they want my business; that my business is important to them. Case in point, I bank with First Texas Bank who is right here in Georgetown. Recently husband lost the debit cards to two accounts. When I called to report the loss, I talked to a real person immediately. All subsequent conversations were with Karen. Yes, she had a name and I did too. Having her personal guidance and knowledge of the circumstances made an often frustrating situation run as smoothly as possible. Imagine - every time I had to report something new or ask a question, I didn't have to repeat every little detail from previous calls, she was familiar with my case . Imagine - she did everything in her power to make the process of getting new cards and disputing fraudelent charges as easy as possible. This was great customer service!! Caring and friendly while being pro active in solving problems.

So boos to DirecTV, Verizon and BP benefits center. Kudos to First Texas Bank!!!

What's driving you crazy? Or do you have any businesses you can reccomend for good customer care?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Exchange at Annarella

File this under "you can't keep a good woman down."

For 9 years Pamela and I birthed, raised and then released Annarella. It was a great ride but it had to be closed. Now Pamela and 2 partners, Angie and Carly, are embarking on a new adventure. Meet The Exchange at Annarella - a design and consign boutique.

This is so exciting! An upscale consignment store for women's clothing, jewelry, personal accessories, home accessories and furniture. An opportunity to recycle and renew your closet and your home.

Along with the consignment component Pamela will continue to offer her design expertise in Annarella Home Studio. Currently she has several small continuing projects and is finishing up a project for the NARI tour. Go to website and click on image for tour. Her house is the one in downtown Georgetown.

So when you need design services Pamela will still be around and keeping everyone in style and comfort.

Lastly Annarella Girl will have a home at the Exchange. I'm excited to be part of this new concept and space which will be a totally unique mix of new and gently used items displayed and cared for in the Annarella way. I'm the first independent handmade business to be invited to have a presence ay the Exchange. Yhanks Pamela, Amgie and Carly.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Art Thoughts

Last week I posted a notice about the Georgetown Artworks Juried Show which opened on Friday. If you haven't visited it yet, you must go. Its amazing to see the many talented artists live and work in Texas. There are 85 pieces by 43 artists spread throughout downtown at the Georgetown Public Library (closed from Oct 5-9), Framer's Gallery. Cianfrani's Coffee Shop amd Dog-eared Books. And while you're strolling from venue to venue enjoy the banners hanging over head. Designed by 55 artists as part of a project called Happy Trails. Experience the art and banners through the month of October.

A juried show, like the Art Hop, brings a variety of art and artists to the public. If you've followed this blog, you know I love art and don't understand how anyone can live without it. In my home the walls are filled with art. Daily it brings me pleasure and uplifts my spirit. My wish is that every child, adult and family would have a home filled with beauty, inspiration, humor and thought - all the things that art brings to my home.

Art Hop is a good way to start or continue building a home art collection. Most pieces are for sale. Part of the proceeds goes to the artist. (Remember they must eat and have shelter, too.) Part goes to venues to help cover their overhead. Part goes to Georgetown Artworks to benefit their programs. These are very good causes. So buying a work not only makes you feel good but does good.

Don't forget that this is a good chance to buy a special gift for the ones you love. You can start a collection for a child or grandchild. Raise them with art. Put it in their rooms. They will never forget this gift. Give it as a birthday gift, a wedding gift, a baby shower gift or an anniversary gift. Art is a forever gift of love. At the Art Hop you can find works at all prices, so go and pick out something!!
Here are a few of the pieces in my home that feed my spirit daily. (Many pieces ar framed under glass and don't photograph easily so I can't share them.) I like a variety of styles and subjects. On different days, in different moods I find different works talk to me. I hope they inspire you to purchase art in this month of the arts.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Daily Serving

A new web site (new to me) about art for art lovers is the Daily Serving. Its mission is to be a "central site where art lovers can find resources and keep up with the happenings within the Contemporary Arts." Always looking for beauty and interesting art I'm intrigued by the daily spotlight. They feature a piece of contemporary art with a bit of information about the artist.

Today they posted this painting by Tyson Skross. (You all know I love him and his work.) I had to take a peek at any site smart enough to feature his work. And I fell in love with the site. Not enough time to delve into the archives, but I enjoyed the artists that they have featured recently. I added this site to my favorites so I can visit it often. Definitely a good place to feed my spirit!!!

Art in Georgetown

October is the month of the arts in Texas. In the last decade downtown Georgetown has celebrated it in many ways. This year Georgetown Art Works is back with their annual juried art show, Art Hop.

Spread around town in several venues this year along with 2D works and photography, printmaking has been included. The show opens this Friday, October 2, with a reception at the library where award winners will be announced. Come out anytime all month to enjoy this show featuring some of the finest regional artists.

While downtown to enjoy the exhibits notice the banners around town. The banner project called all artists to design a banner for the month around the theme of Happy Trails. You can vote on your favorite. Go to the Visitors Center, the library or the Williamson County Museum for a list and map of the banners. Take your kids or grandkids around town so they can choose the ones they like.

Coming October 17-18 is the Art in the Square art fair. Over 100 artists gather to display and sell their works. This is a great time to meet and talk to some of the finest festival artists of our time.

Lets make this a success so the artists want to come back year after year.

So lots going on downtown Georgetown. Visit, bring friends, eat, shop . Have a fun month of the arts. Buy art. All the pieces in the juried show are available. Support artists and those groups who promote art. As a community we must be concerned not only with our physical needs such as food, shelter etc; but we must feed our spirit. We keep our spirit healthy and vital by surrounding ourselves with art.