Thursday, October 1, 2009

Art in Georgetown

October is the month of the arts in Texas. In the last decade downtown Georgetown has celebrated it in many ways. This year Georgetown Art Works is back with their annual juried art show, Art Hop.

Spread around town in several venues this year along with 2D works and photography, printmaking has been included. The show opens this Friday, October 2, with a reception at the library where award winners will be announced. Come out anytime all month to enjoy this show featuring some of the finest regional artists.

While downtown to enjoy the exhibits notice the banners around town. The banner project called all artists to design a banner for the month around the theme of Happy Trails. You can vote on your favorite. Go to the Visitors Center, the library or the Williamson County Museum for a list and map of the banners. Take your kids or grandkids around town so they can choose the ones they like.

Coming October 17-18 is the Art in the Square art fair. Over 100 artists gather to display and sell their works. This is a great time to meet and talk to some of the finest festival artists of our time.

Lets make this a success so the artists want to come back year after year.

So lots going on downtown Georgetown. Visit, bring friends, eat, shop . Have a fun month of the arts. Buy art. All the pieces in the juried show are available. Support artists and those groups who promote art. As a community we must be concerned not only with our physical needs such as food, shelter etc; but we must feed our spirit. We keep our spirit healthy and vital by surrounding ourselves with art.

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