Friday, February 25, 2011

Clean Thoughts

Good Friday morning. I'm just hanging out in my sewing room taking a break from house chores. I hate house cleaning. I love a clean house. Today I'm breaking down and cleaning a few rooms. You know when not one of the spaces where you spend time is neat, dustfree and clean, you can't put it off any longer, the time has come to roll up your sleeves, scrub, mop and other dastarly tasks. Well today is the day!!

Given my druthers I'd have staff running after me to prepare meals, serve them and clean up. More staff to make my bed. Someone dedicated to vacumning and mopping. How about you? Are you the type who doesn't mind picking up and cleaning? Or are you like me. You can stand an incredible amount of clutter and mess before tou get to it.

This week I've been working on special orders. One sundress will be heading off to Disney World. Mom, Fonda, promises me I'll get some pics. A romper will be visiting in the Carribean. Lovely. Thinking warm sun and light breeze for both outfits. These families will be getting a break from the endless winter in the mid-west and north. Have fun!

This romper and sundress above are not the special orders, but they "say" they would love to be seen in some exotic locales. lol

Happy Friday!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do It with Love

Today on the CBS Sunday Morning Show, clothing designer, Elie Tahari, gave this piece of advice for success. "do it with love." I daresay that most of the artists, artisans and crafters I know do exactly this. It is an intregal part of why they work in obscurity trying to earn enough money to support themselves.

I wish that everyone support these workers with love. Go to shows and exhibits. Buy handmade. Gift your friends and loved ones with the unique and original. "Do it with love." Pass the love along!!

These onsies are a few of the new ones that I'll be offering at my spring shows. They are made with love.

And just to remind you how cute they look on. Here's Payson in her yellow one.

She says she is comfortable and pretty.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wit and Wisdom from the Family Pundit

My son and daughter-in-law have 3 children. A girl, Ivy, who loves video games, art and reading. She is solitary and private with a quiet sense of humor. A dreamer she is in fifth grade. Jack is 7. He is loving, sensitive and laugh-out-loud funny. He is also a very talented artist and lego builder. Last in line is Hudson, 5. He is the family pundit. Witty and wise - the thinker.

Via facebook, mom, Pamela, keeps us all updated on Hudson's life lessons. The latest has us all rolling on the floor in laughter. "Mom, why can't I see girls naked? It's no big deal, we have the same butts, just different weiners."

This latest one has taken over as my favorite to date. Previous one was a potty lesson. "Mom, don't wear your hard hat when you go potty because when you lean over to flush it might fall in."

Somewhere there is a book in his witticisms. Love him!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring Fever

Enjoying a mild case of spring fever. What do you do when you come down with it?

I want to get out of the house. Walk or sit in the sun. My favorite places are by our lovely river, the San Gabriel. Our city has built easy trails to walk along the banks. There are ducks to feed - just a bit, don't want to spoil them. Sometimes I take a sandwich to eat while I watch children run and enjoy the ducks. Alas, my grandchildren are almost too old to accompany me.

Another favorite is to read a book while basking in the warm sun on my back porch. It feels blissfully decadent to laze. I imagine I was a cat in another life searching out sunny spots in which to stretch, groom and finally nap.

Love to get in the car with windows open and music blaring and cruise. Oh, the possibilities of what I might see. I'm that person who points out every cow and horse to my passengers. I have one granddaughter who has made many road trips with me. She's a great travel companion because she humors my love of scenery and livestock. Thanks, Ivy.

And, of course, a treatment for spring fever is an ice cream cone. For me, mint chocolate chip is yummy. Sit out on a bench or stroll looking in shop windows. I highly reccomend Georgetown's Square as a good locale for tranquil people watching while soaking up the sun.

These are ways I embrace spring fever. What do you do to enjoy this break from winter?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Notes

Love a sunny Valentine's Day.

Love my family. I got cards out to all the grandkids with a bit of money as a treat.

Love my friends. Sending hugs to all.

Love what I'm doing. Annarella Girl brings me joy.

Love art. My walls are full. I am surrounded by thoughtful, whimsical, mystical images that speak to me every day.

Love y'all!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Warm Weekend Thoughts

I banished whiney Ellie into the corner. Today sunny Ellie is back. Yes, we're expecting a marvelous weekend and week to come. Maybe Pauxetawny Phil was right. Here comes spring. Loving it!

So disappointed about rejection from Renegade Craft Fair last week Frustrated by not knowing why. I shot off an email to ask and, lo and behold, someone replied. What great people they are. They really do care about providing a successful marketplace for the artisan. They are concened with keeping handmade alive and self suficient. So back to what they said. They suggested that I was not a mature artist - in craft not years. My clothes are too busy and unfocused. I need to learn to edit my point of view. While I'm not sure I agree - after all my idea is to create a profusion of colors and designs, but it sounds like that is not what is seen. Perhaps it is bad photography. Do I need to show the clothes on girls? Show how they translate into fun. Or maybe I do need to tone it down. For now I'm going to think about their advice. I know I'm not a good editor of my own work. (Just read my blog!) I can't thank them enough for answering my email. That alone is a validation of my efforts. I need to explore my voice. Should I change what I'm doing? Or do they just not get it? The answer is probably a bit of both.

Here's another look at the madras collection. Its a great reminder that warm weather is coming. Of course, all these dresses look adorable over a tee and leggings during the winter. I've started uploading some new stuff on my etsy store. Look at the etsy sidebar on this blog. I'll be adding more all next week.

Enjoy a loving weekend. Be kind to one another.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rejection, Dejection

Today I received notice that I was not accepted for a space at the Renegade Craft Fair. Boo hoo! All day I've been going through the various stages of rejection. First disbelief. They didn't turn me down. How could they? Then the sadness. I really wanted to do this show. Imagine crocodile tears here. Turn to a bit of anger. How dare they! Don't they know how unique and special I am? Finally acceptance. No, not into the show, but my realization that they must know what they are doing so I must just deal with the disappointment. So it's been a rollercoaster. Uphill struggle to the downward rush of imagining I might just quit what I'm doing. After all it must not be very good. But finally arriving at the realization that rejection always hurts especially when no reason is specified. Maybe I'm not ready to display with the big guys. No matter. I have 2 good shows this spring. Maybe next year for the Renegade.

All artisans have good moments and bad. We depend on the enthusiasm and acceptance of others for our success. Its never easy to be ignored, passed over or found wanting. Thank heavens for my fans. You keep me going. Love ya.

Tomorrow will be a better day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cold Snap

Brrrrrrr. Just returned from the grocery store, and it is cold out there. Poor cashiers and baggers are directly in front of doors and have to deal with constant blasts of frigid. My cashier mentioned that it didn't seem like smart design to have doors central to all checkout stations. In summer they are pummeled with furnace blasts of heat and winter days, like today, wind gusts of 20 degrees. Why didn't they off set doors to the sides? Who ever designed this store should be made to bag or checkout on a day like today. I have a feeling they would see/feel their folly.

Good news is that by the weekend we should be back in high 60's. Ahh, the reason I like living here. Some winters I never have to wear my ski jacket. I've been here when the winter temps have never gotten down to freezing. as you can tell I'm not a fan of the cold.

I lived most of my life in northern climes. I know what it is like to not be able to touch the car steering wheel without wearing gloves. And shivering while waiting for the windows to clear that little scraped strip so I could see to drive if I scrunched low over the steering wheel just right. When my husband and I retired we were living in Atlanta, but I said that was not far enough south. My goal was to live someplace where I didn't have to ever scrape my windshields.

Now I'm back home covered by a warm throw. Making vegetable beef soup for dinner. Looking forward to a day in the 40's tomorrow and then continuing to warm up as the week progresses. Counting my blessings that I no longer have to endure the tough winters of the North.

Keep warm. And think of tropical isles.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby Beauty

On to the last test for the new onsies. Look at this little beauty trying on two to check out comfort and fit. As you can see from the smile she loved them.

Thanks Jennifer and Josh for lending me your cutie.

The new onsie design has now been washed and worn. It passed all tests with top results. Now I'll get busy with getting them ready to be at Mama Ds, in my etsy shop and at my spring shows.
It's so exciting to have a new design!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday Month

February is the family birthday month. It started with my mother who celebrated hers on the 8th. From there we've brought in spouses, my husband and older sister's husband. Some children, Cathy. Then several grandchildren. Its a month of celebration.

In several days my oldest grandchild turns 13. We make jokes about how challenging teenagers can be. The mix of hormones is potent with tears one moment and giggles the next. Soon, if not already, our teen will be tiptoing through the quamire of boy/girl friendships and love. (It makes me scared just to write this.) She has so much to learn and experience. Her parents have given her a solid foundation of values on which to build her burgeoning independence. She is talented, intelligent and beautiful. It is with wonder I greet her teenage years. What adventures will she have? What triumphs will she experience? How will her talents be used? Some exciting times ahead.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold Comforts

How do you keep warm on these frigid days? Here are some of the things that keep me warm.

Soup - today it is chicken noodle. Can't beat mother's comfort. Lots of chicken, medium noodles, carrots, onion, and celery. Having a cup for lunch. Yummy!

Book - snuggled under a throw or blanket with a good book. I'm enjoying a reread of Edna Ferber's "Giant." Being a Texan now, I find more depth and color in her characters and descriptions of landscapes than I ever did when I read it in college.

I miss my dog. If she were still here on a day like today, she would be curled up at my feet. For all who have a furry pet who is willing to share body heat, enjoy!

Sweat shirt and pants - furry socks and soft sweats. Not glamorous but very comfortable. I will not be going out today. In the past when working, I couldn't wait to put on this outfit at the end of the day. Ahhhh.

And, of course, I'm busy in my little sewing room. Wrapped in a coverlet, with machine humming, I am warm. The creative fires toast my toes and hands. Working with sunshine colors remind me that spring will be here soon, or so Puaxetawny Phil says.