Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday Month

February is the family birthday month. It started with my mother who celebrated hers on the 8th. From there we've brought in spouses, my husband and older sister's husband. Some children, Cathy. Then several grandchildren. Its a month of celebration.

In several days my oldest grandchild turns 13. We make jokes about how challenging teenagers can be. The mix of hormones is potent with tears one moment and giggles the next. Soon, if not already, our teen will be tiptoing through the quamire of boy/girl friendships and love. (It makes me scared just to write this.) She has so much to learn and experience. Her parents have given her a solid foundation of values on which to build her burgeoning independence. She is talented, intelligent and beautiful. It is with wonder I greet her teenage years. What adventures will she have? What triumphs will she experience? How will her talents be used? Some exciting times ahead.

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