Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ship's In

I'm living on an island called Little Harbor Cay, but to the cruise world it is known as Coco Cay. We are the only private house on the island which is otherwise inhabited by Royal Carribbean Cruises. If you take a cruise to the eastern Carribbean, likely you will visit this isle. Perhaps some of you have already been here. Weather permitting the ship anchors just offshore, then shuttles interested passengers in for fun on the beaches. Frequently we join them for lunch. We've met some very nice people and had some interesting conversations at the picnic tables.


When the seas are too choppy, the ships have to bypass us. Some times we enjoy having the island to ourselves (along with about 70 Royal employees), but then supplies don't come in either. We are quickly finding out how the weather governs our lives. The month of November has seen many windy days. Old hands here say it is a little early for this but that is what we can expect in Dec and Jan. We are learning to stock up when possible for we never know what tomorrow will bring. And after several days of no ship, we welcome the early morning cry of "Ship's In."
PS. Good sign, #2 day with internet. Early days but all my fingers and toes are crossed.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Life on an Island

This is an experiment. As some of you are already aware, my new life on a tiny Carribbean island has had its challenges with communication. Today my friend and IT specialist, TD, is trying something new to connect me to the web. So I'm trying every system I used to use to keep friends and family updated on my life and my business - email, facebook and blog. Who knows this may be a permanent fix, or as with several tries in the last month, a temporary glitch - not understood or repeatable.

I'm taking this opportunity to say hi to all of you with a few pics to show you that I really am in paradise. If this experiment works (the internet connection not the island adventure), you will be hearing from me more regularly. I have a backlog of possible blog titles I might bore you with - such as "when going astray be sure to take your IT person," "chicken run," "ship's in," and "talking to myself."

Here's the first dress I've created on the island. Annarella Girl is going to take a new form, but I'm not sure what or how yet. This is all part of the adventure.

Warm, sunny thoughts going out to all. I hope to sign on again soon.