Thursday, November 29, 2012


This will be a teaser post. My sister, who is a poet, has decided that she will compose some poetry using my blogs as a jumping off point. I'm honored and excited. We aren't sure what roads we will travel together but isn't that part of the thrill?

She sent me a poem, but before I post it I want to make sure she is okay with me unveiling her babies to the public. Here is my hope that she will let me put it in the spotlight because I know it will resonate with many of you.

Until tomorrow. I'm into the final part of a special order. I'm having to remake a skirt that I wasn't pleased with. So I'm racing back to my machine. This order will be finished tomorrow. (I almost wrote "should" but realized that I can't have any doubts. It WILL be done!)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

I'm suppose to be writing daily, but I've missed a couple. When last heard from I was getting ready to have my second eye operated on; this time I'm a little slower getting back to computer. All is fine. Not the miraculous result as before, but with slower improvements expected. For some reason not known to medical science, doc says every eye is different and responds differently. No surprise to anyone who has been pregnant. None are ever the same. The body is complex and has a mind of its own. Okay, so that is so non-scientific, but it is true. Life is full of mysteries, and the human body continues to be one.

Secondly, I mentioned that I was all caught up with work. And I was, until Monday. Happily I got some special orders. I say happily bcause I love working. I'm now busy at my sewing machine trying to get 3 skirts and a jumper finished by Friday afternoon. Wish for me no mistakes!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Eyes Have It

I hope. Tomorrow I have my second cataract removed. The first one has been a success with vastly improved vision. Can't wait to see what the next one brings. Since it takes a bit for the sight to settle in to its new normal, I've been working very hard to get everything caught up or ahead in case I find it a challenge to do close work.

So my old age advances. Between my hubs and I, it has been a year of repairs. New eyes, new knee. I've been put on insulin which I thought would be horrible, but I certainly feel better, so I adjust. I'm finding that my thoughts and dreams are becoming more about how to handle aging with grace. Hearing fades so I spend much time in every conversation saying "what?" conversations between husband and I are often comical as we try to interpret (guess) what each other is saying.

I'm feeling the need to write about some of the challenges of fading physicality. I'll try not to be too whiny. Looking for the humor in it all. But be warned, the vagaries of the "Golden years" are not always pretty.

Tomorrow opens another chapter. Growing older does not mean stagnancy. Life continues to change and requires constant adjustment. Especially attitude adjustment. Laughter does make us all feel better.

"See you day after tomorrow."

Friday, November 23, 2012


Thanksgiving is finished. And it was a quiet success. My food contributions were well received. I had a few leftovers to bring home, none of them desserts which is good for my body. I don't even have to be tempted to over indulge. How was your dinner?

Now I get into Christmas. This is my all time favorite holiday especially since I have the time to plan, clean, bake, wrap and enjoy. I love being surrounded by the bedlam of kids and adults in a crowded house. Noise, laughter, secrets. Good smells from the kitchen. Evenings playing games. I look forward to it all.

For this coming month I'll be writing many posts about my Christmas wishes and dreams. Bear with me. Do you like the holidays as much as I do?

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving to all.
I am thankful for those with whom I get to share my day.
I am thankful for family spread far and wide.
I am thankful for Annarella Girl.
I am thankful for being alive.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wishing and Thanks

Thanksgiving will be quiet here; children, spouses, and grandchildren are coming for Christmas. My Georgetown son and family have invited me for their feast, so my cooking chores are at a minimum. I'll be baking some brownies and 2 sides. I must admit I am thankful for not having the messy kitchen, but I will miss the rest of my family. I can't help looking forward to Christmas.

Speaking of which, maybe it is old age, but I really am missing my siblings lately. We are not a close family in geographic distance or communication. There is no reason for the lack of talking or writing, (othing as juicy as a family feud) just a habit. We grew up in a family that moved and was not often around extended family. I guess we got used to being insular. But I love, admire and respect my brothers and sisters. I find them to be interesting, thoughtful, humourous, and full of knowledge. I wish we interacted more often. When I'm with them or talking to them, I'm always left wanting more contact. I guess I'm very lucky to have such a great family.

I wish all of you a good Thanksgiving. Skip black Friday and shop small business Saturday.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Good Idea!!!

As I travel through life, I amaze myself with my good ideas. (Read with a bit of irony.) Recently I've had 2 light bulb moments.

Yesterday I went gocery shopping - on the MONDAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING!!! Parking lot - full. Grocery aisles - full. Youe know how every TV and radio station have rush hour traffic reports with a constant barrage of updates. I propose that grocery stores do something similar on busy days...insanely busy days.

So instead of the Muzak accompaniments, traffic bulletins. "Avoid aisle 5, bread, stuffing, salad dressings, carts are at a standstill." "Need milk and eggs. Expect long delays in front of dairy cases. Avoid converging aisles 7 and 8." "Collision in front of butter. Estimated 10 minutes to manuever around." Punctuate such announcements with public service messages. "Patience is a virtue." "A smile makes everything better."


Second eureka moment. Talking to a fellow senior citizen when the topic of computer issues came up. LIGHT BULB!!!! Apple and Microsoft listen up. With every computer, pad, phone offer an accompanying 13 year old. Two problems solved - no more frustrated help technicians trying to communicate with computer illiterates; fewer parents trying to deal with thorny teenagers.


My power solving genius stuns even me. Accepting all pats on the back.

Monday, November 19, 2012

What Comes Next

Having pledged, to myself, that I would post daily from last week until Dec. , I find I don't have a topic today. My mind is rushing ahead to Thanksgiving. Making my mental schedule for shopping and baking while continuing some deep cleaning and organizing. Then I realise that I am engaging in one of my worst habits - looking forward at the expense of enjoying the now moment. So I'm taking a few deep breaths, looking out my window and relishing the now. (Didn't I just chastise some of my neighbors for being remiss and not smelling the pines or, as a reader suggested, the pumpkin pie? Mea culpa.)

So on one hand I have a mental list of things to be accomplished but I am frequently stopping to look out the window, watch the busy squirrels, enjoy rubbing Butler's ears. Not huge time consuming pauses, but enough to remind me that every day I have today to enjoy. I will relish, no I am relishing, my life.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


As I sew my TV is almost always on. I suffered through the political season with its spate of negative ads. Hallelujah, that is all done. Now here come the shopping ads. Every store, brick and mortar or online, are making deals - vying for the lowest prices. Many are hawking goods made in the orient where there is cheap labor and little pride in workmanship. (I know this is very broad and there are exceptions.) All this is in the name of promoting the acquisition of the easily disposable, not very interesting, the mass produced, the low quality,  rather than discerning ownership of the special, unique, durable items which are treasured year after year.  The message is shop more, not wisely.

This rant leads me to the question of today. Is there a market for handmade goods in today's world? Can an artist or artisan make a living creating his/her vision?

Saturday, November 17, 2012


In my travels today, I saw a sight I don't believe. More than one house in my area is busy putting up their outside decorations. Forgive me for saying, but isn't Thanksgiving still to come? It is not time yet for Christmas! We are not retailers who must put out holiday merchandise, so please wait until after the turkey and stuffing to decorate.

Are we following the suit of Target et al who are starting Black Friday on Thursday? Are we teaching the youngsters by example that good things aren't worth waiting for. Gotta have it now!! Bigger and better!! It is enough to make the Grinch want to steal Christmas all over again.

In my old grump way I think these jumpers are sucking out the fun and joy of the season. Maybe I'm painting the hyperbole with neon colors, but I'm distressed.

I love the Christmas holidays. Eagerly I await the blossoming of the outside fairy lights which start appearing the Saturday after Thanksgiving on a few houses and continue to grow until almost all yards wear their sparkly finery by 2 weekends before  Christmas Eve. After dark the various homes light my way home from grocery and gift shopping. They make me smile. They fill me with anticipation for family coming together, holiday baking, and tree trimming.

BUT I want my holidays one at a time. First comes Thanksgiving, then comes Christmas. To witness the pushing of them together saddens me. Are they trying to take away the specialness of each? What does Christmas mean to them? I think these people who are rushing forward need to pause, take some deep breaths and slow down. How can you enjoy the scenery along the way when you are moving at the speed of light?

Come on, people, don't race through your year. Meander and smell the pines.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Parade Passes By

Yesterday morning there were many deer on my street. Look closely and you can see a family group. I missed getting a picture of a stately buck with an impressive rack of antlers.

I love watching them They move with such grace that they remind me af ballerinas. Head held high, straight backs, and measured steps. Beautiful.

Nature fascinates me. It feeds my soul and brings me peace. Flora and fauna. The stately deer, the soaring birds, fluttering butterflies, turning leaves, final flowers on my impatiens, chittering squirrels. All autumn delights in my sphere.


Thursday, November 15, 2012


It's been since Oct 12 that I've shared with you, my readers. My mind has been filled with random thoughts and half finished blogs, but I've not taken the time to put them down on paper. (How quaintly old fashioned. How long has it been since I've actually put a pen to paper?! But it is so much more romantic to say this than to say fingers to a keyboard. Just doesn't have the same warmth.) Sooo, today I'm sitting in front of my window watching the deer go by and talking to you.

Sometimes I'm absent from here because life is challenging me. Despite some evidence to the contrary, I do try to limit my whining and complaining. When I'm in "my poor me" mode, I don't write much. I don't talk to friends or family much. But this last month I've been feeling good, just overwhelmed with sewing special orders and getting ready for a show.

Now my work is slowed down. I've cleaned and organized my sewing room gearing up for Christmas projects. And I'm getting back to you.
Hello, again.