Monday, November 19, 2012

What Comes Next

Having pledged, to myself, that I would post daily from last week until Dec. , I find I don't have a topic today. My mind is rushing ahead to Thanksgiving. Making my mental schedule for shopping and baking while continuing some deep cleaning and organizing. Then I realise that I am engaging in one of my worst habits - looking forward at the expense of enjoying the now moment. So I'm taking a few deep breaths, looking out my window and relishing the now. (Didn't I just chastise some of my neighbors for being remiss and not smelling the pines or, as a reader suggested, the pumpkin pie? Mea culpa.)

So on one hand I have a mental list of things to be accomplished but I am frequently stopping to look out the window, watch the busy squirrels, enjoy rubbing Butler's ears. Not huge time consuming pauses, but enough to remind me that every day I have today to enjoy. I will relish, no I am relishing, my life.

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