Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Eyes Have It

I hope. Tomorrow I have my second cataract removed. The first one has been a success with vastly improved vision. Can't wait to see what the next one brings. Since it takes a bit for the sight to settle in to its new normal, I've been working very hard to get everything caught up or ahead in case I find it a challenge to do close work.

So my old age advances. Between my hubs and I, it has been a year of repairs. New eyes, new knee. I've been put on insulin which I thought would be horrible, but I certainly feel better, so I adjust. I'm finding that my thoughts and dreams are becoming more about how to handle aging with grace. Hearing fades so I spend much time in every conversation saying "what?" conversations between husband and I are often comical as we try to interpret (guess) what each other is saying.

I'm feeling the need to write about some of the challenges of fading physicality. I'll try not to be too whiny. Looking for the humor in it all. But be warned, the vagaries of the "Golden years" are not always pretty.

Tomorrow opens another chapter. Growing older does not mean stagnancy. Life continues to change and requires constant adjustment. Especially attitude adjustment. Laughter does make us all feel better.

"See you day after tomorrow."

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