Sunday, November 18, 2012


As I sew my TV is almost always on. I suffered through the political season with its spate of negative ads. Hallelujah, that is all done. Now here come the shopping ads. Every store, brick and mortar or online, are making deals - vying for the lowest prices. Many are hawking goods made in the orient where there is cheap labor and little pride in workmanship. (I know this is very broad and there are exceptions.) All this is in the name of promoting the acquisition of the easily disposable, not very interesting, the mass produced, the low quality,  rather than discerning ownership of the special, unique, durable items which are treasured year after year.  The message is shop more, not wisely.

This rant leads me to the question of today. Is there a market for handmade goods in today's world? Can an artist or artisan make a living creating his/her vision?

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Judy Grupp Studio said...

The absense of comments on your question is interesting. No one wants to think about the possibility that their works are not needed or wanted.

I think most artists/craftmans create just to create and if someone buys their work - well that's just a positive by-product.

We don't want to admit that to ourselves!