Saturday, November 17, 2012


In my travels today, I saw a sight I don't believe. More than one house in my area is busy putting up their outside decorations. Forgive me for saying, but isn't Thanksgiving still to come? It is not time yet for Christmas! We are not retailers who must put out holiday merchandise, so please wait until after the turkey and stuffing to decorate.

Are we following the suit of Target et al who are starting Black Friday on Thursday? Are we teaching the youngsters by example that good things aren't worth waiting for. Gotta have it now!! Bigger and better!! It is enough to make the Grinch want to steal Christmas all over again.

In my old grump way I think these jumpers are sucking out the fun and joy of the season. Maybe I'm painting the hyperbole with neon colors, but I'm distressed.

I love the Christmas holidays. Eagerly I await the blossoming of the outside fairy lights which start appearing the Saturday after Thanksgiving on a few houses and continue to grow until almost all yards wear their sparkly finery by 2 weekends before  Christmas Eve. After dark the various homes light my way home from grocery and gift shopping. They make me smile. They fill me with anticipation for family coming together, holiday baking, and tree trimming.

BUT I want my holidays one at a time. First comes Thanksgiving, then comes Christmas. To witness the pushing of them together saddens me. Are they trying to take away the specialness of each? What does Christmas mean to them? I think these people who are rushing forward need to pause, take some deep breaths and slow down. How can you enjoy the scenery along the way when you are moving at the speed of light?

Come on, people, don't race through your year. Meander and smell the pines.

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susan said...

or pies! pumpkin, please!
you are so right!