Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wishing and Thanks

Thanksgiving will be quiet here; children, spouses, and grandchildren are coming for Christmas. My Georgetown son and family have invited me for their feast, so my cooking chores are at a minimum. I'll be baking some brownies and 2 sides. I must admit I am thankful for not having the messy kitchen, but I will miss the rest of my family. I can't help looking forward to Christmas.

Speaking of which, maybe it is old age, but I really am missing my siblings lately. We are not a close family in geographic distance or communication. There is no reason for the lack of talking or writing, (othing as juicy as a family feud) just a habit. We grew up in a family that moved and was not often around extended family. I guess we got used to being insular. But I love, admire and respect my brothers and sisters. I find them to be interesting, thoughtful, humourous, and full of knowledge. I wish we interacted more often. When I'm with them or talking to them, I'm always left wanting more contact. I guess I'm very lucky to have such a great family.

I wish all of you a good Thanksgiving. Skip black Friday and shop small business Saturday.

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