Thursday, February 28, 2013

Has It Really Been That Long?

Have I really neglected my blog readers for so long? Sorry. As is my usual mode, I've been talking to you every day while I shower; but I get distracted by something else before I can get my words out here. Shame on me.

My month of May has been full. The Annarella Girl photo shoot kept me busy with sewing to get dresses and skirts ready.

Weren't the girls beautiful? They had fun and were so easy to work with. I've been trying to get my etsy shop up to date with the new items. I think I'm about 2/3 of the way there. Stop over here and see what Annarella Girl has for spring and summer.

Been working the facebook page . It has been a bit frustrating that I can't seem to attract more likes. So I'm running a little give away. Like and comment on a posting on the Annarella Girl page to be entered in a drawing for a free headband OR 25% off a dress or skirt of your choosing. Yes, shameless begging and bribing for more likes. It seems that if few people like or comment on the posts, the less people Facebook shares it with. So Like my page and comment on it so Facebook will think I'm popular. (Just like life, the popular get all the perks.)

And...I'm been working on a project for a new art center in Georgetown. They will have a small gift store in this new gallery and educational space, and that is what I'm involved with. So I've been busy contacting artisans with the hope that their work will be available for sale in the gift shop. I am in awe of the innovation and creativity of artisans. There is much awesome talent that is not getting enough exposure. The art center gift shop will give them exposure and a venue for sales.

So that's why I've been silent. Now, I'm not promising I'll be better about writing here in the month of March. Hopefully you will see me on facebook or visit me on etsy.  I leave you with one more pic.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Sounds

After a stormy night with rain, thunder and lightening, this morning dawns soggy but dry. Clouds are clearing allowing for brief glimpses of blue skies. The birds are in full throat. I'm watching a cardinal preening and singing, probably to find a mate. I'd join him in making a nest together but it will have to be a very hefty branch.

People often rapsodize about the quiet of living in the country - no rumbling cars and buses, no hanking horns, no passerbys laughing and talking. Have they never heard the birds? My yard is full of chatter, chirping and scolding - hardly quiet. They are enjoying a bright morning and serenading a dry day.

The sound bite from CBS Sunday Morning. "It's not what you do in life, but how you do it."  What a good thought for all to hold. With that I'm off to sew.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Wish

Don't you wish that everyone would work on living his/her best life stop trying to live everyone else's life? Lets stop the judgements, nagging, and rudeness.

Throw open the window, breathe the fresh air, and enjoy the day!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Life as a Pinball Machine

Today, I'm like a pinball machine. (Am I dating myself? Do they even exist in today's internet world?) I am zinging from one thought to another; bumping off one chore to another; careening around a creation. Now that doesn't sound too bad, but (insert a pause here) the result is energy spent without getting anything completed.

Why? Because I have several projects going at the same time. Dresses cut out and waiting for the sewing machine. A new design on my mind. A project for Georgetown's new art center. So my ducks are not in a row. (Someday I'm going to compose a post made up of as many cliches as possible.) (See I digress proving my point that I'm all over the place.)

The cure. I'm taking Butler to the dog park. After a cloudy, sprinkley morning, the sun is shining. We need to soak up some of it. Such a small thing. What I really wish I could do, is to climb in the car and drive. I fantasize about a trip to Tennessee to my sister. I can picture the roads through east Texas with its rolling hills and pine forests. Then through Arkansas with its swooping curves carved around Memphis. And then the endless width of Tennesee that is not too exciting except that it brings me closer to my destination. Mentally I'm packing my sewing machine, threads, scissors and pinking shears. I have with me my patterns and a few fabrics. We will sew, talk, eat, drink and sew for a couple of days. It may not sound like a break to you; but it would be a dream renewal for me.

Enough of that. Pull back my lever and send another ball on its way. Off to the dog park. Run an errand. Rack up some points as I flip flop between dream and reality.

Hey, that's what I'll call my game - Chasing a Dream.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Order Reigns

Thanks to my son, Jeff, I now have an orderly, organized sewing room. YEA!!! It was such a pleasure to walk in this morning with my first cup of coffee in my hand.



I predict it will be a good week