Thursday, June 28, 2012

Premier Video

Wednesday saw the second session of Grammy Camp, and the kids made their first video. It was a trial and error endeavor but in the end they made a short video which we posted on my facebook page.
production meeting

First they decided what they wanted to film, and the parts they would take. Ivy became director and cameraperson. Jack and Hudson were soldiers in a short combat sequence. After blocking out the scene, they rehearsed. Finally the filming.

We're still working on what we can do and not. I haven't figured out how to put video on this blog. We're learninng in baby steps. It helps to have kids who are more savvy then me when it comes to modern media stuff. Meanwhile it's a fun summer project for us all.

Next blog is video. As I said learning in baby steps. Is there an app for that?

Qik - Backyard Combat by Ellie Skross

Here it is. Despite title this video was made by the Skross Kids Production Team. Director and cameraman, Ivy. Written by Ivy, Jack and Hudson. Starring Jack and Hudson.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday To Do List

Sew a little. I'm working on a dress in a new (to me) fabric and color mix. By next week I'll get it listed in my etsy shop.

Read a little. I so enjoy some light reading in the summer. I like to take a mid day break with a book or magazine. A few of my favorite authors this summer are Michael Connolley, Ann River Siddons and Carson McCuller.

Dream a little. I have fingers crossed for a new retail outlet to give me a home. News soon, I hope.

I think it will be a productive day as I tick off my list. Work, learn rest!!
enjoy another variation of the pastel pallette I love so much

Saturday, June 23, 2012

By the Numberss

Forcast - temperatures in the 100's. Predicting a lot of sweating.

Post 504 on my blog. Lots of ranting observations.

17 items in my etsy shop. 4 more to go in this series.

Hours to make a dress, 6-7.

These numbers are the parenthesis of my sewing life.
Counting the days in my summer.
Working towards fall shows
While enjoying my favorite season.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Morning TV and social media are abuzz with the incident of bullying a bus monitor. Everyone is quick to blame others - the parents, the bus driver and the kids. Calls for send in the police, show the bullies' faces, suspend them from school are all over our screens.

Wait a minute. Yes, the incidence is deplorable but hardly suprising. Yes there should be punishments. BUT how about community service for retirement homes or senior citizens? Hard physical labor like yard work. Or making beds. Or filling water pitchers. Let's be inventive. No excuses. Schedule it, do it, interact with seniors. Learn that they are people. And like all people deserve respect.

How about the old-fashioned penalty of having to write multiple times "I must respect my elders." Maybe 5000 times. Will it stop all incidences of disrespect? No, but maybe it will make them think before doing it again. It also shows unruly kids that society doesn't accept such behavior.

Now, about the hosts on TV. You decry such behavior on this bus by these kids, while on the other hand you hype shows that highlight bad behavior, meaness, outbursts of anger and shouting. Reality TV is largely the land of rudeness. Shame on all you TV executives, producers and hosts. You are part of the problem, as much to blame as the parents, teachers, adults who condone random acts of anger. Lets quit pointing fingers and work at showing our kids and grandkids how to handle anger, be respectful of others, listen to authority, and don't blame others for our problems. Remember kids learn by example.

That's my rantfor today. Can we bring back civility? I'm convinced if we ALL work together, show respect for others, accept people's differences and stop rewarding bad behavior, we can bring back new respect for social civility. Turn off the reality shows. Carry it one step more, turn off those talk shows that discuss reality shows or invite cast members to sit on their couches. Show it is not acceptable to reward such antics. Yes, I'm talking to you "Today Show" and "The View," previously two mainstays of my morning routine.

In your travels this weekend practice civility.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello Summer

Welcome to summer. Yesterday at 6:00 PM you arrived, officially. I love the long days and short nights. Like a cat I bask in the sun, made endurable by an air-conditioned house. Ahh!

Nothing like a huge water slide for summer fun. Many hours of laughter and glee take place in our backyard. Looking forward to more hours of grandchildren fun this summer.

In my sewing room I'm taking time to organize some of the business aspects. My sewing is a mixed bag - some for summer and some for fall. I'm listing daily on etsy in an effort to get my name out there more. Etsy is a good tool for the small handmade artisan if it is used correctly. I get incredibly lazy with it by not posting often. I'm on a crusade to see if I pay more attention and list often, will I will generate more activity? Seems like a good goal for the summer!

Butler has had a friend staying over for the week. They run and chase until they crash. Here they are napping while I was photographing onesies and dresses.

Favorite quote of the day.
Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person, they are almost indistinguishable.
                                                                   David W. Ausburger
 Enjoy your summer day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Business Challenges

For a short few months Annarella Girl was proud to be a part of Snickelbritches, a gift boutique in Temple, Texas. Last week it closed. Why? For the resons that effect many small shops. It was a one woman business. In retail with the long hours it is almost impossible to not burn out if you are doing it without help. I am sad. For over a year and a half  I've been bouncing around from shop to shop without a permanent home. Most have closed because of the challenges which have led to burnout for the owners. Sad and frustrating. Every time it happens I have to pull up my big girl panties and continue on. I'm waiting now to hear from a brand new store in Salado and a popular store in Waco. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

In the meantime I'm updating my etsy site with new onesies, dresses and headbands. Don't be shy. Stop in for a look. I'll be adding new items daily.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hanging Out

Friends!! I just spent a week with 2 different groups of gal pals. Now at home I feel replenished and energized - ready to work.

What did we do? Shared memories of days in college where we lived together for 3 years. Can you believe it was 46 years ago?! Our heads are grayer, except for the occasional red head. The bodies have thickened in some cases. I envy the few who could still wear the dresses hanging in their dorm room closets. But, the voices are still the same. Wrinkles disappear behind the giggles. Then we set about makig some new memories.

University of Delaware bookstore, Wyeth Brandywine River museum, Oh Hell, "Horatio Hornblower" DVDs, the impossible jigsaw puzzle and more. Food, talk, watching birds build their nest. Much ado about grandchildren, children  and families. And after so many years, still, a lot about hopes, dreams and goals as we settle into the years of retirement.

Thanks friends!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Seen in My Travels

From a greeting card seen in Chestertown, MD.

"Sometimes you're the pigeon, and sometimes you're the statue."

Wishing you a pigeon day!!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Going My Way

I'm hitting the road to see the girls. Don't know what we'll do or what we'll see. I do know the experience will be fun. No guys are coming along, so I predict the trip could become full of silliness.

While I'm gone. all you Central Texans need to make the trip to Snickelbritches in Temple for the really good sale. Mama D's and Annarella Girl have everything in stock 25% off. This runs through June 13. Go forth and reap the rewards!!!

2010 SW HK Dodgen Lp #107
Temple Texas

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grammy Camp Day One

As you can see today  is the first day of our summer adventure. I've asked each of my grandchildren to post some of their pictures along with their words about the mornings activities.

Here is Ivy:

Today we took Lola and Butler to the dog park to do some photography and give the dogs some exercise. Sadly I couldent get a picture of Butler because he wouldn't cooperate. I enjoyed this experiance very much :) .


                                                               Random Dog :)

                                                                  Tired Dog.

                                                             Lola Again.

Next is Jack:

today we took some pictures of dogs at the dog park and
it was cute! I was at the dog park with my grandma, sister,
and brother.And we had our two dogs named Butler and Lola.
we also practiced taking pictures in the backyard this morning.
Then we ate lunch at mc donalds.

random dog:)

                                                                    rubbing belly

Last but not least is Hudson:

This morning we practiced working cameras in the backyard. Then we went to the dog park and took real pictures of dogs. I had a fun time.

So, this was a fun day for the budding photographers and bloggers. Plus the dogs loved being the center of attention and running away from the paporazzi. I think this was a pretty decent effort for being a first at writing and pics. Can't wait to see what we'll be doing for the next session 2 weeks from now.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Count Down

Would you believe it? This is my 496th post since I started writing it. In the beginning I expected to become a chronicler of small business and independent designer. (My dreams are always big.) This blog has developed into a journal of my observations. I hope you all have enjoyed it as I've stumbled my way through my life as a parent, grandparent, friend, craftperson and yearner. I wonder where the next 496 posts will lead.

Monday, June 4, 2012

From My Porch

During these soft summer days I spend lots of time on my back porch watching Butler, admiring the flowers, listening to the birds and thinking. Here are some of my randomness.

If it makes me happy, is it  work? I spend 7 days a week sewing. It's not the only thing I do; but whenever I can grab an hour or 8, I am happily creating dresses, headbands, onesies etc. Outsiders call it work and wonder how I can spend so much time working. I call it joy and canspend endless hours doing what makes me happy.

Grammy camp opens this week. This year I'd like to keep my 3 grandchildren engaged in fun activities. No more endless computer games or other electronic exercises. I'm thinking cooking, photography, art, moviemaking and so on. Anyone have some suggestions? Kids range from 6-12.

Soon I'll be spending some time with girlfriends. Starting with about 6 days with college mates. We all lived together in dorms for about 3 years. Coming of age in the 60's. There were lots of good times. Can't wait to catch up with their life stories. Then 3 days with my beach buddies. We met as young mothers and supported each other through child-raising, marriage challenges, and now retirement. whew, what a ride!!! I'm looking forward to interesting conversations filled with laughter and love with both groups.

Finally, what do you think of fashion trucks? A pop-up boutique? Would an idea like this work for Annarella Girl and Mama D's? I have a dream. Anyone want to join a discussion about this?