Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grammy Camp Day One

As you can see today  is the first day of our summer adventure. I've asked each of my grandchildren to post some of their pictures along with their words about the mornings activities.

Here is Ivy:

Today we took Lola and Butler to the dog park to do some photography and give the dogs some exercise. Sadly I couldent get a picture of Butler because he wouldn't cooperate. I enjoyed this experiance very much :) .


                                                               Random Dog :)

                                                                  Tired Dog.

                                                             Lola Again.

Next is Jack:

today we took some pictures of dogs at the dog park and
it was cute! I was at the dog park with my grandma, sister,
and brother.And we had our two dogs named Butler and Lola.
we also practiced taking pictures in the backyard this morning.
Then we ate lunch at mc donalds.

random dog:)

                                                                    rubbing belly

Last but not least is Hudson:

This morning we practiced working cameras in the backyard. Then we went to the dog park and took real pictures of dogs. I had a fun time.

So, this was a fun day for the budding photographers and bloggers. Plus the dogs loved being the center of attention and running away from the paporazzi. I think this was a pretty decent effort for being a first at writing and pics. Can't wait to see what we'll be doing for the next session 2 weeks from now.


Anonymous said...

I want to go to Grammy Camp too ;)
Thank you for taking the time to not just hang with the kids, but teach them and make special memories for them. I cherish the memories I have of "culture trips" with Grandmother K. Trips to the Hagley Museum, Rockwood, Brandywine River, he Museum of Natural History, etc. Your Mother made learning fun and I remember her seeming just as curious and excited as us kids. It means the world to me that you are continuing your Mother's legacy with my children.

tskross said...

I second that, the first thing I thought of when you mentioned you were going to be doing these projects were the summers I spend with Grandmother, painting in watercolors, drawing and going on field trips!
Great job guys, I like Ivy's picture of "random dog", Jack's Butler portrait, and Hudson's artistic picture of "dog under bench"! Followed by a trip to McDonalds? Sounds like a good day!