Friday, June 22, 2012


Morning TV and social media are abuzz with the incident of bullying a bus monitor. Everyone is quick to blame others - the parents, the bus driver and the kids. Calls for send in the police, show the bullies' faces, suspend them from school are all over our screens.

Wait a minute. Yes, the incidence is deplorable but hardly suprising. Yes there should be punishments. BUT how about community service for retirement homes or senior citizens? Hard physical labor like yard work. Or making beds. Or filling water pitchers. Let's be inventive. No excuses. Schedule it, do it, interact with seniors. Learn that they are people. And like all people deserve respect.

How about the old-fashioned penalty of having to write multiple times "I must respect my elders." Maybe 5000 times. Will it stop all incidences of disrespect? No, but maybe it will make them think before doing it again. It also shows unruly kids that society doesn't accept such behavior.

Now, about the hosts on TV. You decry such behavior on this bus by these kids, while on the other hand you hype shows that highlight bad behavior, meaness, outbursts of anger and shouting. Reality TV is largely the land of rudeness. Shame on all you TV executives, producers and hosts. You are part of the problem, as much to blame as the parents, teachers, adults who condone random acts of anger. Lets quit pointing fingers and work at showing our kids and grandkids how to handle anger, be respectful of others, listen to authority, and don't blame others for our problems. Remember kids learn by example.

That's my rantfor today. Can we bring back civility? I'm convinced if we ALL work together, show respect for others, accept people's differences and stop rewarding bad behavior, we can bring back new respect for social civility. Turn off the reality shows. Carry it one step more, turn off those talk shows that discuss reality shows or invite cast members to sit on their couches. Show it is not acceptable to reward such antics. Yes, I'm talking to you "Today Show" and "The View," previously two mainstays of my morning routine.

In your travels this weekend practice civility.

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susan said...

oh! thank you for saying what's been screaming in my head.