Monday, June 4, 2012

From My Porch

During these soft summer days I spend lots of time on my back porch watching Butler, admiring the flowers, listening to the birds and thinking. Here are some of my randomness.

If it makes me happy, is it  work? I spend 7 days a week sewing. It's not the only thing I do; but whenever I can grab an hour or 8, I am happily creating dresses, headbands, onesies etc. Outsiders call it work and wonder how I can spend so much time working. I call it joy and canspend endless hours doing what makes me happy.

Grammy camp opens this week. This year I'd like to keep my 3 grandchildren engaged in fun activities. No more endless computer games or other electronic exercises. I'm thinking cooking, photography, art, moviemaking and so on. Anyone have some suggestions? Kids range from 6-12.

Soon I'll be spending some time with girlfriends. Starting with about 6 days with college mates. We all lived together in dorms for about 3 years. Coming of age in the 60's. There were lots of good times. Can't wait to catch up with their life stories. Then 3 days with my beach buddies. We met as young mothers and supported each other through child-raising, marriage challenges, and now retirement. whew, what a ride!!! I'm looking forward to interesting conversations filled with laughter and love with both groups.

Finally, what do you think of fashion trucks? A pop-up boutique? Would an idea like this work for Annarella Girl and Mama D's? I have a dream. Anyone want to join a discussion about this?

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susan said...

hey Ellie! the girl that owns Baby Hippie (Southern Hippie) on Williams at the A Matter of Taste complex just got a little airstream trailer that she will do shows from. I love that idea - and the pop-up shop. seems like you and Mama are on a business roll these days. go with the momentum! ♥