Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I feel like I've neglected you all thia week. I don't have a good reason. I've just been moving slow and slower. Must be fall fever. LOL.

Last week I talked about how I didn't really like autumn, but in the spirit of trying to be postitive I must note that there are some delights in the fall. Crunchy, tasty apples. I especially like homemade applesauce and apple crisp. Both smelling of cinnamon and combining the tart/sweet taste of good apples. Now this is a fall treat. Anyone else love fall apples? And what is your favorite way to consume them?

Another fall treat is the crisp air which accents the first smell of a burning fireplace. How delighful to step out the door and catch the scent of smoke from those first fires. Since we're still in the 80's & 90's I'll probably have to wait awhile, but I'll be thinking of you northerners who get to enjoy it now.

And finally I have some family birthdays to mark in the fall. Two of my kids and one of their spouses celebrate birthdays in the autumn. That alone makes this time of year special. There I feel better now. Thanks for letting me ramble.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

As we ease into Autumn here - low 90's - I fight falling into depression. Fall and winter are my least favorite times of the year. I dislike the shorter days and longer nights. As trees shed leaves I prepare for the winter palette of grays, whites and blacks. Although it is better here with a few trees staying green through the winter, I miss the greens of leaves, bushes and grass. Since I can't hibernate, I indulge in some of my guilty pleasures as a means to uplifting my spirits.

Chocolate, candy corn and black licorice - not just any chocolate but milk chocolate. Hershey's, thy name is sweet. I enjoy the whole process of unwrapping the silver foil, removing paper name strip and then popping it in my mouth. I don't want dark chocolate. I don't crave dark chocolate. For me the indulgence is in the original humble chocolate kiss! Seasonally I love candy corn. I know, I know pure sugar with no redeeming feature, but isn't that part of the guilty pleasure. Finally black licorice jelly belly buttons - ahhhhh! What candies or sweets are your favs?

Continuing summer reading. Curl up in a spot of sun with a good book. Under a soft throw during a rain storm with a good, but easy read. Loving a good thriller or shopgirl romance. My local library is my brain's candy store. Nothing too serious. I read to escape not to think. (Wow, that's hard to admit!) Got any suggestions for this autumn's reading?

Reality TV - Survivor is back, Project Runway is in full swing, certainly Amazing Race can not be far behind. Indulge me in The Apprentice as long as it doesn't get too nasty. I'm not into mean spirited Real Wives no matter were they are from. I will not watch Jersey Shore. Dancing with the Stars bores me. So you can see I have my standards. LOL. I like goal oriented trash.

What are your guilty pleasues? How do you chase away the blues? Come on 'fess up!
Pic is latest etsy listing. I like the jungle animal center panel for a bit of a difference. Very similar to dress with bird panel. Still having fun with dresses. Don't miss waiter's apron listing.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Sound Bites Revisited

Sunday quote "music is the language of the soul."

I've often discussed art as the food for the soul, but this AM this quote leapt out at me. What kind of music is your language? For me I love listening to piano. Over the years I've swayed, sung along and smiled with some fantastic piano men - Randy Newman, Billy Joel, Elton John, Ray Charles and Harry Connick Jr. They have shouted out in my workroom, helped me clean house, accompanied me on many a road trip and inspired my creativity. Anyone else out there with a favorite piano man?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gifts Large and Small

Last night I had dinner with a friend who always reminds me of how blessed I am with the gifts in my life. She would never preach about the gifts; it is just her positive outlook is catching and I find myself counting my blessings. Let me share my many gifts.

First and foremost, my wonderful family - the one in which I was born and the one my husband and I created. Both families are filled with diverse people who respect and love one another. How secure I feel. When I fall or am filled with fears and doubts, they pick me up. Wow!!

Friends - like the one mentioned above. She brings out the best in me. Thanks.

My business - I've been many things. Now I'm living the creative dream. It's been a real gift to have the opportunity to try my talents and entreprenurial dreams. Recently this dream has brought a new support into my life, Mama D's. Jenny and Joan are generous in their technical and emotional support. And they are endlessly optimistic. We are dreaming big and working hard.

Here is a "bird" dress in size 3 posted this morning in my etsy store.

My workroom - a family affair in the making. I love walking into it in the morning. With its hanging fabrics, 2 work stations, computer and all, it is an organized area for work. I smile when I remember the help my daughter and husband have provided to give me my space.

The recent family reunion - I'm still basking in the warm afterglow as I remember the morning coffee and conversations while overlooking the river.

Second hand books - a brother-in-law is a member of a Lion's Club in Avondale, PA. They have second hand book store run as a fund raiser. Its wonderful. I return with a bag full to keep me occupied for a while. And know that I've contributed, albeit in a small way, to the many worthy causes they support. If you're in their neck of the woods, I hope you'll search the book barn out.

Every dawn and every sunset - here is another one from the reunion. Enjoy

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New on Etsy

I'm on a mission to post new items in my etsy store every day for the month of September. So check it out. New dresses, new aprons, new rompers and new headbands. You can get there through this link or through link on side of page. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Bites

Ita quiet here on Sunday. As I work - its mostly a compose color palettes and cut out garments day - I watch and listen to CBS Sunday Morning, NPR's This American Life and follow up with The Splendid Table. Often sound bites will leap out at me causing me to think. Here are two from today.

"Education is fine as long as it doesn't stand in the way of thinking." In the current atmosphere of standardized testing, school budget cuts and beleaguered teachers, this statement should be in every teacher's room, every principal's office, every school board's meeting room, every legislative office and in every room in the suite occupied by the Secretary of Education. We need to help our students to sift through and interpret the overwhelming amount of information to which they are subjected at every turn. For the sake of a healthy democracy led in wisdom and courage by the upcoming generations, they must learn to think, to listen and to question intelligently. I leave it to those smarter than me to come up with curriculums to create schools that foster thoughts, don't stifle them.

"I'm sick and tired of anger." This quote comes from one of the 911 widows. Such a simple statement fom one who could be filled with rightful anger at what life has dealt her, but instead wants the world to move beyond the rage and vitriolic language that is so prevalent in out country, the media, the politics and a vocal minority (I hope it is a loud few.). Lets listen to her. Lets start a movement for civil debate that is polite and respectful of our differences. Lets stop the name calling, the shouting, the talking over people and the factless generalizations. Each one of us can take the first step by treating others the way we want to be treated. Lets all try it for a month and see what happens. Lets insist that our children practice it for a month and see how it feels. Such a grass roots movement would be away to give back to one who in the death of her spouse asks for so little.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family Ties

Returning fom my family reunion I am filled with thoughts, new memories, old memories and awe. Like so many of you, I'm sure, I think my family is special. Since we are spread out across country maybe it's easy to hold onto the illusion that we are wonderful, but after spending 4 days together I hold my family in high esteem. Although filled with faults and flaws like all groups of people. I am filled with wonder that so many unique, likeable individuals are part of my family pool. (I called us a rational family at one point which caused brother, Randy. to fall out laughing. And at our age and physical limitations falling out is not easy. I suspect he is laughing at my white-washed ramblings here.)

Here we have the oldest generation - the 5 siblings. Yes, our smiles are wide because we have all survived this far. Among us are a Jewish family, an Episcopalian family, a Catholic family, and an agnostic family. Educationally, 1 doctorate, 2 masters, 1 bachelor degree, and 1 associatedegree. We have long term marriages, 1 widow, and a long term bachelor who announced his upcoming marriage (Hooray!!!) We are liberal, conservative and shades in between. We share a love of reading, music, humour and each other. I think we are rich in diversity. And the next generation is all we are and more!

Thanks to Brad and Bev for planning it all with great help from Jessica and Rick. Thanks to all for coming from far and wide. For the first timeI got to meet the last spouse added. The second generation treated of us oldsters so well. Thanks for Bob's breakfasts, K Brad's telescope for the stars and planets show, third generation's entertainment in the water and out,

and all the spouses who put up with the endless stories of the old times. Thanks for the sister who brought us her beautiful words. Thanks for the puzzle. Our time was relaxing, fattening and filled with good conversation! Thanks. (A little aside, off the broad topic, but very much in the thanks category. A huge thanks for the save often feature of blogger since I've been kicked off twice with only a small loss. Thanks, thanks, thank goodness!)

I look forward to the next one. Can it be more often than at 10 year intervals? Hopeful for 2 years from now in Georgia!!