Thursday, September 23, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

As we ease into Autumn here - low 90's - I fight falling into depression. Fall and winter are my least favorite times of the year. I dislike the shorter days and longer nights. As trees shed leaves I prepare for the winter palette of grays, whites and blacks. Although it is better here with a few trees staying green through the winter, I miss the greens of leaves, bushes and grass. Since I can't hibernate, I indulge in some of my guilty pleasures as a means to uplifting my spirits.

Chocolate, candy corn and black licorice - not just any chocolate but milk chocolate. Hershey's, thy name is sweet. I enjoy the whole process of unwrapping the silver foil, removing paper name strip and then popping it in my mouth. I don't want dark chocolate. I don't crave dark chocolate. For me the indulgence is in the original humble chocolate kiss! Seasonally I love candy corn. I know, I know pure sugar with no redeeming feature, but isn't that part of the guilty pleasure. Finally black licorice jelly belly buttons - ahhhhh! What candies or sweets are your favs?

Continuing summer reading. Curl up in a spot of sun with a good book. Under a soft throw during a rain storm with a good, but easy read. Loving a good thriller or shopgirl romance. My local library is my brain's candy store. Nothing too serious. I read to escape not to think. (Wow, that's hard to admit!) Got any suggestions for this autumn's reading?

Reality TV - Survivor is back, Project Runway is in full swing, certainly Amazing Race can not be far behind. Indulge me in The Apprentice as long as it doesn't get too nasty. I'm not into mean spirited Real Wives no matter were they are from. I will not watch Jersey Shore. Dancing with the Stars bores me. So you can see I have my standards. LOL. I like goal oriented trash.

What are your guilty pleasues? How do you chase away the blues? Come on 'fess up!
Pic is latest etsy listing. I like the jungle animal center panel for a bit of a difference. Very similar to dress with bird panel. Still having fun with dresses. Don't miss waiter's apron listing.


Bev said...

guilty pleasures? a lazy sunday afternoon watching "lifetime" movies...ya know, the crazy psychiatrist that murders her nosey neighbor!! lol! that and a big bowl of popcorn. only thing is, i don't feel guilty in the least!

Suzanne said...

I don't know, I think I'd have too many to list. Taking an afternoon off and window shopping on a fun shopping street is one of my favorites. I think I eat chocolate too much to call it a special treat.