Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Here Comes August

One more day. The last month of school vacation unless you're my 3 grandkids who go back next week. Their school is trying to ease into year round classes. The kids don't seem to mind; they are eager to return. Never thought I would hear this from them. What an awesome school!!!

An explanation - yesterday I wrote about freestyling, but I never fully explained. I call it freestyling when I go into my fabric stash to find remnants that I love but can only make one or 2 more things in. Often I can work with a whole new fabric combination to highlight the scrap. It helps me clean out my stash plus ramp up my creative juices.

Into the Olympics. I am fascinated by watching world class athletes compete. Some rise to the occasion and above - the British men's gymnastic team - some crumble - the U.S.  men's team.  Highs and lows. Awesome!

Monday, July 30, 2012


Sometimes when I have a break in special orders or just want to have fun, I "freestyle." Today I chose a remnant that I've had for a long time to make the apron on a dress. This piece was given to me a couple of years ago by a friend to integrate into a dress for her daughter, Brighton. It had been picked out by her grandmother and was very special. I was cleaning out some shelves this week and found it. I fell in love with it all over again.

Yes, it is bright. Don't you love those splashy flowers? I'm really pleased with the finished dress. I'm taking it to the Grand Opening of Little Loft which takes place this Friday evening. The space looks fantastic. Owner, Amanda, has done a super job with the display, and you won't believe the brands of gently used clothing she has gathered together. I hope that those of you in the area will stop in and say hi. Don't worry I'll be reminding you again.

Keep on the lookout for the results of a new photo shoot!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Judge Judy Says

Heard this morning on CBS Sundy Morning, "It's your life, live it well," Judge Judy.

I'm trying. I'm trying, but it is so much easier to live everyone else's than my own.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Busy Summer

Although I've been very quiet online, I've been sewing like crazy and working on business growth. As far as the blog goes, I felt like I had gotten very stale and needed a break. So I've concentrated on living my life rather than writing about it.

Annarella Girl has moved into a new space in on the square in Georgetown, "Little Loft." This children's boutique is upstairs in the new location of "The Exchange" which is now on 7th St opposite the courthouse. The boutique is an innovative combination of really. really gently used clothes (wait until you see the brands she has) and new handmade items. If you're in town, you must check this out. I think you'll make it a regular stop for kids clothing and gifts.

Last night my favorite photographer, Sarah Havard, stopped by "Little Loft" to take some pics of AG clothes. Here is a sneak peek of what she does so well.
 She really makes my clothes look good. Of course, Johanna, the model, also makes the dresses and headbands beautiful. She was a trooper with all the clothing changes and posing. What a joy to work with.

On another note, I've been one of the featured sellers on www.cheepboutique.com.

White onesies with attached skirt and a matching headband for $18. With free shipping for additional savings. There are 6 different fabric combinations from which to choose. Swing on by ane check out Cheep Boutique. I'll be there until July 31st.

Yes, I've been busy, but I'm balancing it with family and friend time this summer. I have a hard time keeping baklance between work and relaxation. Like so many others, I feed my self-worth with work and the recognition it brings to me. My goal this summer is to like myself even when I'm playing or doing nothing. Maybe I'll make some progress this season.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Grammy Camp Is Cooking

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted. Today, with the help of 3 grandchildren, I'm touching base with you all. It has turned out that cooking has been a big hit here. Last week we had breakfast for lunch when evryone made their own eggs. Make that 2 scrambled cooks and one omelet cook. This week....well, I'm gonna stop there and let them tell you about their menu projects.

Here's Ivy.
Today I did some cooking but first we had to shop for the supplies. The first thing I helped make was an "Avalanche Bar". It was basicly White chocolate chips,Paenut butter,and Rice krispies. Then we all made our own pizzas. My favorite thing was the avalanche bar even though it was a little crumbly :)

Jack says.
Today we cooked an avalanche bar using white chocolate chips ,chocolate chips,peanut butter,
and marshmallows.And we made our own pizzas.We had fun today with grammy:)

 the end

Here's Hudson.
Today I cooked pizza.  It was good. We, also. made a dessert. The pizza was my favorite. I liked the pizza because it was square, and the sauce was good. We had fun.

Back to Grammy.
It's been a fun summer with the Grammy Camp projects. Only one session left next week. Looks like we'll cook again. Maybe homemade chocolate chip cookies. Any suggestions out there?

PS When you cook with Grammy, you do it start to finish. Plan menu, shop for ingredients, prepare and clean up. These kids have been champs at doing it all!!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

After the Break

Last week was a very weird week. Two Mondays, two Fridays and a short weekend in the middle. That's what it felt like. Good thing noone was giving me an orientation test. I never would have been able to tell the questioner what day of the week it was.

Despite my confusion  the business took some foward steps. I firmed up a presentation for Cheep Boutique, a new trend in internet shopping. They give the smaller businesses a forum to present a product for less than retail in an effort to increase the customer base. I'm trying out my onesies with a matching headband. It will run in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know when.

I've been freestyling some new clor combinations with an autumn vibe. Tell me what you think.
longer skirt with thin waistband and bottom ruffle

dress in greens and pink great for back to school
See you all tomorrow.

Monday, July 2, 2012


I've been enjoying watching all the trials for forming the various Olympic teams. Such inspiring young people. It takes not only talent, but, also, incredible drive. Working for years to improve a skill! We can learn much from the passion of the contenders who practice, practice and practice some more. Despite physical injuries, losses. mistakes these athletes persevere. I am in awe of their talent and persistence. I can't wait for the Games to begin.

Bad segway coming.

Speaking of excellence....I recently posted a new apron dress on my facebook page. I haven't made many of those this year. Well, I had a good response. Many people seemed to enjoy seeing one again. Yes, I'm still sewing apron dresses. Now I think I'll make some more, especially for fall and winter. Is there any other design you haven't seen in a while?

Neither heat or dry will keep me from moving forward!