Friday, July 27, 2012

Grammy Camp Is Cooking

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted. Today, with the help of 3 grandchildren, I'm touching base with you all. It has turned out that cooking has been a big hit here. Last week we had breakfast for lunch when evryone made their own eggs. Make that 2 scrambled cooks and one omelet cook. This week....well, I'm gonna stop there and let them tell you about their menu projects.

Here's Ivy.
Today I did some cooking but first we had to shop for the supplies. The first thing I helped make was an "Avalanche Bar". It was basicly White chocolate chips,Paenut butter,and Rice krispies. Then we all made our own pizzas. My favorite thing was the avalanche bar even though it was a little crumbly :)

Jack says.
Today we cooked an avalanche bar using white chocolate chips ,chocolate chips,peanut butter,
and marshmallows.And we made our own pizzas.We had fun today with grammy:)

 the end

Here's Hudson.
Today I cooked pizza.  It was good. We, also. made a dessert. The pizza was my favorite. I liked the pizza because it was square, and the sauce was good. We had fun.

Back to Grammy.
It's been a fun summer with the Grammy Camp projects. Only one session left next week. Looks like we'll cook again. Maybe homemade chocolate chip cookies. Any suggestions out there?

PS When you cook with Grammy, you do it start to finish. Plan menu, shop for ingredients, prepare and clean up. These kids have been champs at doing it all!!!!!

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