Sunday, June 26, 2011


I've been spending a lot of time sewing which means I've been spending a lot of time thinking. A lot of my thoughts are self-indulgent dribble with a touch of whine. so I've refrained from sharing them or rather boring you, my readers, with the high pitched repetition of endless pity. Where am I going? What do I have to say? Where do I belong?

Thankfully. in between, the useless questions I've had a few useful moments. I'd like to thank my father for his constant urging to not take myself to seriously. (He saw this unproductive tendancy in me at a very early age.) When I get mired down in my questions, get heavy with my thoughts, I hear his words and surface. Surface to a world where all is possible, much is positive and imagination roams free. "What ifs" are an elixir which feeds my creativity. What if I put this fabric with that one? What if I made this apron fuller? What if I attached a skirt to a onesie? What if I made a headband for babies? Ahha!

Then this am I find my son, T's latest blog post. (Don't know why it shows as 2 months old on my list, but I'll work on fixing that later.) "Sluppy lines" - lines of, to, in imagination. In wonderful pictures and with short lines of dialogue, he sings of the imagination. How important it is. The varied places it can take us. It lifts the mundane to the magical. It feeds creativity. It makes us smile. It makes us think. Love his pictures and thoughts. He expresses with clarity what I wish I could say so simply. Step over and look at his pics Share your thoughts with him. share where your imagination takes you with both of us.

Below is one of my flight of fancies for this week. From the raw fabric delivered to my door

to the sundress for an adorable toddler.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

Summer rhythm is slow and lazy. I love it. Now I know I've whined about the early onset of 100 degree days, and I reserve the right to do so again, but today I'm embracing the positive side of summer.

Watching my dog, I know why they are called the "dog days." He has just enough energy to walk from one nap place to another. It's even an effort to chase a squirrel. While I'm not chasing rodents (thank heavens) I'm experiencing the same malaise. No sudden moves. As little housework as possible. Lots of reading. Sewing is sedentary so I continue with that. Ahh, summer!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I worshipped my father. To me he was smarter, funnier and more talented than anyone else could possibly be. I've spent my entire life striving to emulate him. As an adult I recognise that he had faults, but I continue to love, respect and miss him.

He wasn't a particularly hands-on parent. His jobs frequently took him away from his family. Yet he was always there for the important occasions, and we felt his respect and support at every turn. And his disappointment when we didn't live up to his expectations. What were his expectations? We should respect others and ourselves. We should never stop learning and questioning. We should laugh at life's ironies, and never take ourselves too seriously. I'm still striving to please him every day.

When I was growing up, my father didn't allow his children to celebrate father's day. He thought it was a commercialized excuse to sell cards and ties. Instead we should be honoring our parents in little ways every day with a hug and a chore done without complaint. I agree in principle, but it's not a bad thing to pause and think about fathers and celebrate what they mean to us.

So thanks to all the dads I know who are doing such a tremendous and thoughful job. You are the greatest!!!

PS. Heard Tom Hanks this morning answer the question of what he wished for his children. "I want my kids to laugh every day." What a great wish.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sew, what cha been doin"


Here in central Texas, we are suffering through a heat wave. Next week sees the official start of summer, but we've already had 12 days in the 100s with a promise of a couple of more before the next cold front. (That means a drop into the mid to high 90's. Brrrr!!!) It's a bit scary to think what the summer will hold.

Hot pink comfort for baby. Feminine gathered skirt with a wide waistband are sewn on to the US Polo Association onesie.

Already lawns are browning. The high heat is compounded by no rain. Here in Georgetown we are already on water rationing. Lakes and rivers are shrinking. The weathermen are predicting a record breaking drought. It will be a real challenge to keep my cool this summer. lol

Butterflies in the fall garden.

Despite the sweat factor I've been keeping my sewing machine humming. (If you don't hear from me for a week or two, check for a pool of sweat under my machine.) I've got so many exciting fabrics to choose from that I've been bouncing around working on summery onesies, earth tone dresses for fall and catching up on lots of headbands. Hope you like this peek of my labors.

Perfect for babies and toddlers who won't wear a hard headband, here is a stretchy band with a handmade flower of cotton and tulle with a "jewel" center. Fun, fun, fun.

Like a basket of flowers, here is a brand new bunch of hard headbands with a handmade flower with a "jewel" center. You might recognize a lot of my favorite fabrics. Plus I use only headbands that are comfortable for me to wear all day. Believe me I have a very sensitive head and am very picky!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Family Talk II

Last weekend was BALLET RECITAL time. I have the best grandchildren, and last weekend was Ryann's time to shine. She is a wonderful dancer. Loves performing! She is a joy to watch.

Waiting to be turned into a dancing daisy.

Make-up is fun and so important to the stage. Mom paints with lipstick, blush and mascara. (Ryann has the longest eyelashes imaginable.)

Big sis, Sophie, waits patiently in the dressing room ready to help if needed. (Isn't she lovely?)

After a successful show, the dancer is part of the bouquet. A daisy among the roses.

Delightful daisy.

Proud parents celebrate with sassy Ryann.

That's all until next year.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Family Talk

Whew, we have just suffered through our 6th day of 100+ heat. It is too soon!!! Summer has appeared early this year. No rain, too much sun.

Started the summer with a kindergarten graduation. Below Hudson receives his certificate of completion and a handshake. He was so serious.

Proud new 1st grader shows his certificate and a smile. He is my serious one!

Must brag on other grandchildren, also. Sophie, 13, honor student and Latin scholar; Ivy, 11 honor roll, excellence in science, reading and math. Drew, fourth grade, got all A's. Jack 2nd grader, also excellent grades. What a smart crew. (Don't mean to neglect Ryann who moves to first grade with a very good report. She stars in tomorrow's blog.)

On to Memorial Day. Fun on the big water slide. Hours of fun!!!

Posing for Grammy. Great food, good company, all in all a good holiday. (But missing youngest son and wife.)

Tomorrow, join me for a ballet recital.
You will love it!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Weather & Noise @ the Renegade Craft Fair

Here's another artist I found at Austin's Renegade Craft Fair a few weeks back. Weather & Noise. Printmaker, Christine Sharp-Crowe, creates homewares in her kitchen/studio in Tulsa, OK. Her look is clean and sophisticated. Her aesthetic is environmentally sensitive. She states she wants to make the world around her a prettier place.

I fell in love with a linen tea towel printed with "read more books." Since my sister is a retired librarian, this made a perfect little "thinking of you" gift. And she tells me she loves it!!! Now I wish I had bought one for myself.

Check out Christine's website, or her etsy shop.
I know, no pictures, but you'll just have to wander around her website to see her wonderful prints.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Recent Sightings

Several weeks ago the Renegade Craft Fair made its spring stop in Austin. A friend and I went and spent several hours looking at all the vendors. Once we worked our way through many tee shirts and lots of jewelers, we did see some very clever and beautiful work.

Paloma's Nest is an Austin business I've known about for several years but had't seen their lovely bowls and tiles recently. This is the ring bearer bowl. Small, organically shaped and then personalized. No longer does a bride have to use a frilly, lacy pillow to hold the rings, but they can be presented simply and beautifully in this shallow bowl. Afterwards it can be used to hold earrings or rings overnight. What a lovely keepsake to have to remind a woman of this most important day in her life. (Wouldn't it make a great bridesmaid gift also?)

The artist is Caroline Colon Vasquez. Her concept is simply beautiful and beautifully simple. Using porcelaine, clay and wood each item is hand formed and hand stamped. The tiles below look lovely on a cord as a necklace or tied to a package. Words of praise or encouragement for a friend or family member.

Stop by the website, and look at all the items. I'm drawn in by the eggs and ornaments. What do you like?

Check out the link to Caroline's blog on my sidebar. Its a great way to keep up with new products and follow her to a show near you.