Friday, June 17, 2011

Sew, what cha been doin"


Here in central Texas, we are suffering through a heat wave. Next week sees the official start of summer, but we've already had 12 days in the 100s with a promise of a couple of more before the next cold front. (That means a drop into the mid to high 90's. Brrrr!!!) It's a bit scary to think what the summer will hold.

Hot pink comfort for baby. Feminine gathered skirt with a wide waistband are sewn on to the US Polo Association onesie.

Already lawns are browning. The high heat is compounded by no rain. Here in Georgetown we are already on water rationing. Lakes and rivers are shrinking. The weathermen are predicting a record breaking drought. It will be a real challenge to keep my cool this summer. lol

Butterflies in the fall garden.

Despite the sweat factor I've been keeping my sewing machine humming. (If you don't hear from me for a week or two, check for a pool of sweat under my machine.) I've got so many exciting fabrics to choose from that I've been bouncing around working on summery onesies, earth tone dresses for fall and catching up on lots of headbands. Hope you like this peek of my labors.

Perfect for babies and toddlers who won't wear a hard headband, here is a stretchy band with a handmade flower of cotton and tulle with a "jewel" center. Fun, fun, fun.

Like a basket of flowers, here is a brand new bunch of hard headbands with a handmade flower with a "jewel" center. You might recognize a lot of my favorite fabrics. Plus I use only headbands that are comfortable for me to wear all day. Believe me I have a very sensitive head and am very picky!

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