Thursday, June 2, 2011

Recent Sightings

Several weeks ago the Renegade Craft Fair made its spring stop in Austin. A friend and I went and spent several hours looking at all the vendors. Once we worked our way through many tee shirts and lots of jewelers, we did see some very clever and beautiful work.

Paloma's Nest is an Austin business I've known about for several years but had't seen their lovely bowls and tiles recently. This is the ring bearer bowl. Small, organically shaped and then personalized. No longer does a bride have to use a frilly, lacy pillow to hold the rings, but they can be presented simply and beautifully in this shallow bowl. Afterwards it can be used to hold earrings or rings overnight. What a lovely keepsake to have to remind a woman of this most important day in her life. (Wouldn't it make a great bridesmaid gift also?)

The artist is Caroline Colon Vasquez. Her concept is simply beautiful and beautifully simple. Using porcelaine, clay and wood each item is hand formed and hand stamped. The tiles below look lovely on a cord as a necklace or tied to a package. Words of praise or encouragement for a friend or family member.

Stop by the website, and look at all the items. I'm drawn in by the eggs and ornaments. What do you like?

Check out the link to Caroline's blog on my sidebar. Its a great way to keep up with new products and follow her to a show near you.

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