Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blogs of Inspiration

As you know I'm trying to live a better life. In reaction to what seems to be an increasingly mean atmosphere in the media - be it the news broacasts, the reality shows or the talk on radio and TV - by spotlighting the rude, crude, lewd behavior of stars, politicians, celebreties and wanna be famous, I decided that I needed to lead a kinder, more forgiving, by example life. To succeed in my personal crusade, I listen to some blog voices regularly. I've been adding some new ones to my sidebar.

Let me share who and why. There are many bloggers who are chroniclng life and its universalities. I'm partial to the simple voice - direct and kind with a sense of humor about themselves and their world. (For this post I' m not talking about many of the artists that I love and follow who inspire me in a different way.)

Ordinary Courage - Brene Brown has a wonderful voice as she explores courage, shame and life's journey. Thought provoking she inspires me to explore and accept my world. Recently she is talking about vulnerability.

Kellie Rae Roberts - last summer I took an e course from Kellie Rae about how to improve my craft business. It was extraordinary. Chock full of informatio and insight. By chronicling her business and personal life she inspires me to be less fearful of making mistakes and criticism. I'm learning to be more focused in work and play. This year she has added a baby to her family. She is always optimistic as she juggles her creative life and family life.

Susan @ At Magnolias End has a gentle, witty blog that talks about ordinary life. I love the pictures she paints with her words that make me nod with recognition. We're all in this together. She has 2 new projects now that she is embracing - a major remodeling and impending granmotherhood.

Joy, Joy in the Journey was recommended to me by the afore mentioned Susan. Last year this blogger generously shared the journey she and her husband made toward his death. Now she shares her road after. Real and inspiring. She is now embarking on a new phase in her education career. I hope she will continue to keep us posted.

Enjoy meeting these bloggers if you don't know them already. They will make your day sunnier.


susan said...

my friend, you make my day sunnier. it's easy to be in this together when you're part of my 'all'.

Bev said...

thank you for sharing, i will check out the ones i have not visited...

k and c's mom said...

Thanks for including me here! I am touched and more than honored. Dave loved working with your husband. And I am going to love reading your blog!