Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Family of Dreams

This AM dog and I were sitting outside planning our day. So I exaggerate...dog was actually making sure that no stray cats or squirrels were invading his space. I was the one planning. This Memorial Day weekend brings family which makes me soo happy. A tiny bit sad that T & A will be missing. But I get to spend 2 full days with all my grandchildren, 2 children and 2 children-in-laws. I love having a full, chaotic house.

So what was I planning - cleaning and organizing. As you know, I HATE cleaning. Love the results; dislike the process! I find if I divide it up into small increments I can handle doing it - just barely. So I was planning what areas I would clean today while dreaming of living in a house that cleaned itself. Wouldn't that be lovely? Imagine after my husband used the bathroom, a robot would emerge from the closet and scrub the shower, swipe the toilet and mop the floor. Heaven!!!!

Another dream would be for all the family to live together in a compound. Seperate house for each family, but a shared yard. Yes, I enjoy being around my kids and grandkids so much that I dream about living near them. Separate spaces for the privacy that we all need, but a large communal yard where we can share our days, many meals and pets. In laws parents are welcome. The more the merrier. Would we all want to kill each other occasionally? Probably. But to be able to share the day to day activities of my grandchildren would be magical. To talk to my kids daily would be bliss. Ahhh, dreamy.

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