Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Few Pics

Apparently there was a glitch with blogspot this last week. My last posting was eaten. Don't know if it will ever surface.

And on a similar theme, my camera has eaten some of my pics. Here are the few it left me from the Wilmington Flower Market.

Part of my booth. The signs are eyecatching. I can never say THANKS often enough to Sarah Havard, the photographer.

This is other side of the booth with dresses, skirts and onsies. The onsies were so popular I only had 8 left to bring home. Sewing, sewing, sewing so I'll have some to show at Good Water Gallery.

Doesn't she look lovely with her headband. Model Extrordinaire!!!!

Along with the sewing I'm going to start revamping my blog. Lately been cruising the sewing blogs and I'm blow away by the talent, both writing and stitching. (I feel like a one note creator compared to so many others.) I'd like to share some of my finds. So next time you stop by my side bar favorites will have some changes. SOOOON.


Bev said...

goodness, that is a lot of must be sewing night and day! so nice you could sell your lovely creations...

Sarah said...

You're so very welcome! Booth looks terrific!