Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making My Christmas List

1. new computer - actually I have one sitting in a box, but as with almost every improvement project in my house, getting it hooked up and operating has required several trips to the store. Why, oh why, does it always take an unanticipated trip/s for cords, parts, programs etc? So I'm working on my sloooooow computer, fighting a virus (the machine's not mine), now hoping my computer tech, also known as my son J, can schedule me soon.

So don't give up on me. I know the blogs are infrequent, but it is time-consuming right now on this old lady - machine not me.

Have a great Thanksgiving. Stuffing is my favorite left over in the world. What's gets your mouth to watering on your holiday table?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I (Heart) Kind People

Saw this slogan on a tee shirt this weekend. (with the symbol for heart, not the word.) Loved it!

Is there a move afoot to make it fashionable to be polite, considerate and kind? I hope so. That is a movement I would support. How about you?

Possible sayings for more tee shirts. "It's Cool to be Kind."
"Kindness is the New Chic."
"Kill Them with Kindness."
"Confuse Your Enemies with Kindness."
"Change the World One Kind Act at a Time."

You get the idea. Now come up with some sayings of your own!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

After the Show

I'm back after a very busy weekend. It always takes me a couple of days to get reorganized, but here I am. I miss when I'm not blogging.

The show was successful. I have several special orders to fill this week. Then there are several sizes of dresses and skirts which need replenishing. Lately medium and large skirts are going out the door. For dresses it is size 18 months and girls 5. Is there any logic in these sizes? Always a challenge to figure out what is going to be popular!

One of the best parts of these shows I do, is catching up with old friends and customers. One cutie showed up in her dress fom last year! What a thrill to see my clothes on a girl. Her Mom reported that it was her favorite dress, and she wore it constantly. The colors were still so bright! It looked like new. I wish I could bottle her comments for everyone who wonders if Annarella Girl clothes ae comfortable or wear well. Yes, yes , yes!

I feel very appreciated by all the positive comments. I look forward to seeing the many people who stopped by my booth at Mama D's in the weeks to come. Remember we're the red bungalow on University Ave in Georgetown - #407.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Extra Hands

back and inside of apron - child's medium

front of apron - child's medium

front of apron - child's large

How often do you hear your cell ringing and realize it is in another room? Don't have that pen or pencil handy when you need it? Where is your baby's pacifier? Seems like we all need a spare hand.

This slim, short apron, styled after a waiter's half apron, will lend you a helping hand with a pocket to hold, close and convenient, all the small neccessities of your busy life. Designed for comfort without the excess fabric or frills that can get in the way, you'll love the easy wearability of this apron. Easy care - just throw in the washer and dryer on the permanent press cycle.

I think this would be a perfect gift for the new mother or a crafter or a gardener. Plus don't forget the little ones who like to help mom (or just like having a pocket to hold their treasures.)

For more examples of the aprons come see my booth at the First Baptist Church Christmas Spectacular starting Thursday. As you enter the gym, Annarella Girl will be in back left corner next to Mama D's.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Didn't make it to Corpus Christi show. There is no juicy story involved so I won't bore you with a long narrative. So onward to First Baptist Christmas Spectacular next weekend. This is my favorite local event. A percentage of every sale goes to benefit the preschool programs. So it's a feel good show - you win with a unique handmade dress, skirt, apron or other gift; the school wins with money to support its students and teachers; I win with income to grow my business. You got to love all those wins!!!

Above are 2 of the tie on headbands I now make. They are totally reversible in two widths - 3" & 2". Super comfortable way for kids and adults to keep hair out of the face.
Below is the back of the owl dress seen in yesterday's post. Love it!!!

Have a good weekend. And visit me next week at the FBC Christmas Spectacular, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Now I'm off to sew up some more goodies!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Black and Blue

Well, its all over except the shouting(in the House and Senate.) Halloween, Day of the Dead, Election Day and T's birthday. I applaud the end of the constant airing of obnoxious political ads. I congragulate all of you who voted. My family had a fun and funny Halloween. Did you know David Lee Roth is alive and living in Georgetown, TX? lol. Now lets see if we can move beyond the arguing and meaness of politics into the holiday season of winter.

This weekend is the Peddler Show in Corpus Christi. Mama D and Annarella Girl will be there. If you're in the area or know anybody in the area, come see us. There are lots of top notch artisans exhibiting so you can shop for one-of-a-kind gifts while chatting with the artists. Support us by buying handmade. Its fun and feels great to give a unique present to everyone on your gift list while encouraging those who design and make it.

Here are some of the new things I'm taking to Corpus Christi.

skirt, size small (3-4)

skirt size medium (5-6)

romper size 6-12 months

dress/jumper size 12-18 months

apron dress size 6
I'm having fun. Are you?