Friday, November 5, 2010


Didn't make it to Corpus Christi show. There is no juicy story involved so I won't bore you with a long narrative. So onward to First Baptist Christmas Spectacular next weekend. This is my favorite local event. A percentage of every sale goes to benefit the preschool programs. So it's a feel good show - you win with a unique handmade dress, skirt, apron or other gift; the school wins with money to support its students and teachers; I win with income to grow my business. You got to love all those wins!!!

Above are 2 of the tie on headbands I now make. They are totally reversible in two widths - 3" & 2". Super comfortable way for kids and adults to keep hair out of the face.
Below is the back of the owl dress seen in yesterday's post. Love it!!!

Have a good weekend. And visit me next week at the FBC Christmas Spectacular, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Now I'm off to sew up some more goodies!!

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Suzanne said...

All your clothes are just so yummy. I hope you have a very successful business.