Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I worshipped my father. To me he was smarter, funnier and more talented than anyone else could possibly be. I've spent my entire life striving to emulate him. As an adult I recognise that he had faults, but I continue to love, respect and miss him.

He wasn't a particularly hands-on parent. His jobs frequently took him away from his family. Yet he was always there for the important occasions, and we felt his respect and support at every turn. And his disappointment when we didn't live up to his expectations. What were his expectations? We should respect others and ourselves. We should never stop learning and questioning. We should laugh at life's ironies, and never take ourselves too seriously. I'm still striving to please him every day.

When I was growing up, my father didn't allow his children to celebrate father's day. He thought it was a commercialized excuse to sell cards and ties. Instead we should be honoring our parents in little ways every day with a hug and a chore done without complaint. I agree in principle, but it's not a bad thing to pause and think about fathers and celebrate what they mean to us.

So thanks to all the dads I know who are doing such a tremendous and thoughful job. You are the greatest!!!

PS. Heard Tom Hanks this morning answer the question of what he wished for his children. "I want my kids to laugh every day." What a great wish.

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