Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family Ties

Returning fom my family reunion I am filled with thoughts, new memories, old memories and awe. Like so many of you, I'm sure, I think my family is special. Since we are spread out across country maybe it's easy to hold onto the illusion that we are wonderful, but after spending 4 days together I hold my family in high esteem. Although filled with faults and flaws like all groups of people. I am filled with wonder that so many unique, likeable individuals are part of my family pool. (I called us a rational family at one point which caused brother, Randy. to fall out laughing. And at our age and physical limitations falling out is not easy. I suspect he is laughing at my white-washed ramblings here.)

Here we have the oldest generation - the 5 siblings. Yes, our smiles are wide because we have all survived this far. Among us are a Jewish family, an Episcopalian family, a Catholic family, and an agnostic family. Educationally, 1 doctorate, 2 masters, 1 bachelor degree, and 1 associatedegree. We have long term marriages, 1 widow, and a long term bachelor who announced his upcoming marriage (Hooray!!!) We are liberal, conservative and shades in between. We share a love of reading, music, humour and each other. I think we are rich in diversity. And the next generation is all we are and more!

Thanks to Brad and Bev for planning it all with great help from Jessica and Rick. Thanks to all for coming from far and wide. For the first timeI got to meet the last spouse added. The second generation treated of us oldsters so well. Thanks for Bob's breakfasts, K Brad's telescope for the stars and planets show, third generation's entertainment in the water and out,

and all the spouses who put up with the endless stories of the old times. Thanks for the sister who brought us her beautiful words. Thanks for the puzzle. Our time was relaxing, fattening and filled with good conversation! Thanks. (A little aside, off the broad topic, but very much in the thanks category. A huge thanks for the save often feature of blogger since I've been kicked off twice with only a small loss. Thanks, thanks, thank goodness!)

I look forward to the next one. Can it be more often than at 10 year intervals? Hopeful for 2 years from now in Georgia!!


susan said...

is there anything so lovely as time spent with family? we are very blessed to have so much to share and celebrate. glad you had a good time. had a chance to reacquaint. relax and enjoy.
welcome home my dear friend!

Bev said...

those are unforgettable times, aren't they? they seem to come and go too quickly!

Linda said...

Big Sister Linda wonders whether the lengthy intervals between reunions might have something to do with how much we enjoy them! LOL.