Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hanging Out

Friends!! I just spent a week with 2 different groups of gal pals. Now at home I feel replenished and energized - ready to work.

What did we do? Shared memories of days in college where we lived together for 3 years. Can you believe it was 46 years ago?! Our heads are grayer, except for the occasional red head. The bodies have thickened in some cases. I envy the few who could still wear the dresses hanging in their dorm room closets. But, the voices are still the same. Wrinkles disappear behind the giggles. Then we set about makig some new memories.

University of Delaware bookstore, Wyeth Brandywine River museum, Oh Hell, "Horatio Hornblower" DVDs, the impossible jigsaw puzzle and more. Food, talk, watching birds build their nest. Much ado about grandchildren, children  and families. And after so many years, still, a lot about hopes, dreams and goals as we settle into the years of retirement.

Thanks friends!!!

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