Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Good Idea!!!

As I travel through life, I amaze myself with my good ideas. (Read with a bit of irony.) Recently I've had 2 light bulb moments.

Yesterday I went gocery shopping - on the MONDAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING!!! Parking lot - full. Grocery aisles - full. Youe know how every TV and radio station have rush hour traffic reports with a constant barrage of updates. I propose that grocery stores do something similar on busy days...insanely busy days.

So instead of the Muzak accompaniments, traffic bulletins. "Avoid aisle 5, bread, stuffing, salad dressings, carts are at a standstill." "Need milk and eggs. Expect long delays in front of dairy cases. Avoid converging aisles 7 and 8." "Collision in front of butter. Estimated 10 minutes to manuever around." Punctuate such announcements with public service messages. "Patience is a virtue." "A smile makes everything better."


Second eureka moment. Talking to a fellow senior citizen when the topic of computer issues came up. LIGHT BULB!!!! Apple and Microsoft listen up. With every computer, pad, phone offer an accompanying 13 year old. Two problems solved - no more frustrated help technicians trying to communicate with computer illiterates; fewer parents trying to deal with thorny teenagers.


My power solving genius stuns even me. Accepting all pats on the back.

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