Thursday, November 15, 2012


It's been since Oct 12 that I've shared with you, my readers. My mind has been filled with random thoughts and half finished blogs, but I've not taken the time to put them down on paper. (How quaintly old fashioned. How long has it been since I've actually put a pen to paper?! But it is so much more romantic to say this than to say fingers to a keyboard. Just doesn't have the same warmth.) Sooo, today I'm sitting in front of my window watching the deer go by and talking to you.

Sometimes I'm absent from here because life is challenging me. Despite some evidence to the contrary, I do try to limit my whining and complaining. When I'm in "my poor me" mode, I don't write much. I don't talk to friends or family much. But this last month I've been feeling good, just overwhelmed with sewing special orders and getting ready for a show.

Now my work is slowed down. I've cleaned and organized my sewing room gearing up for Christmas projects. And I'm getting back to you.
Hello, again.

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Jeff said...

It's about time! ;)

Tis the season to be blogging...