Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cold Snap

Brrrrrrr. Just returned from the grocery store, and it is cold out there. Poor cashiers and baggers are directly in front of doors and have to deal with constant blasts of frigid. My cashier mentioned that it didn't seem like smart design to have doors central to all checkout stations. In summer they are pummeled with furnace blasts of heat and winter days, like today, wind gusts of 20 degrees. Why didn't they off set doors to the sides? Who ever designed this store should be made to bag or checkout on a day like today. I have a feeling they would see/feel their folly.

Good news is that by the weekend we should be back in high 60's. Ahh, the reason I like living here. Some winters I never have to wear my ski jacket. I've been here when the winter temps have never gotten down to freezing. as you can tell I'm not a fan of the cold.

I lived most of my life in northern climes. I know what it is like to not be able to touch the car steering wheel without wearing gloves. And shivering while waiting for the windows to clear that little scraped strip so I could see to drive if I scrunched low over the steering wheel just right. When my husband and I retired we were living in Atlanta, but I said that was not far enough south. My goal was to live someplace where I didn't have to ever scrape my windshields.

Now I'm back home covered by a warm throw. Making vegetable beef soup for dinner. Looking forward to a day in the 40's tomorrow and then continuing to warm up as the week progresses. Counting my blessings that I no longer have to endure the tough winters of the North.

Keep warm. And think of tropical isles.

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