Saturday, February 12, 2011

Warm Weekend Thoughts

I banished whiney Ellie into the corner. Today sunny Ellie is back. Yes, we're expecting a marvelous weekend and week to come. Maybe Pauxetawny Phil was right. Here comes spring. Loving it!

So disappointed about rejection from Renegade Craft Fair last week Frustrated by not knowing why. I shot off an email to ask and, lo and behold, someone replied. What great people they are. They really do care about providing a successful marketplace for the artisan. They are concened with keeping handmade alive and self suficient. So back to what they said. They suggested that I was not a mature artist - in craft not years. My clothes are too busy and unfocused. I need to learn to edit my point of view. While I'm not sure I agree - after all my idea is to create a profusion of colors and designs, but it sounds like that is not what is seen. Perhaps it is bad photography. Do I need to show the clothes on girls? Show how they translate into fun. Or maybe I do need to tone it down. For now I'm going to think about their advice. I know I'm not a good editor of my own work. (Just read my blog!) I can't thank them enough for answering my email. That alone is a validation of my efforts. I need to explore my voice. Should I change what I'm doing? Or do they just not get it? The answer is probably a bit of both.

Here's another look at the madras collection. Its a great reminder that warm weather is coming. Of course, all these dresses look adorable over a tee and leggings during the winter. I've started uploading some new stuff on my etsy store. Look at the etsy sidebar on this blog. I'll be adding more all next week.

Enjoy a loving weekend. Be kind to one another.


susan said...

the beauty of your clothing line is the fun spirit it shows. the materials you select are beautiful and the patterns you combine are in a word ... magical! so NO NO NO ... do not tone it down!
you may have the answer in your presentation. not sure how you send in your work for consideration, but I think your clothing shows at its finest modeled.
I am glad you gave yourself a time out (boy, don't we all need that from time to time). and now, settled, are back at the sewing table.
you go, Annarella Girl!

ellie said...

Susan, you are so good for my ego. What a cheerleader. Thanks.