Friday, October 9, 2009


Here it comes - an old geezer alert - rant ahead.

I hate, strongly dislike, abhor, abominate, loathe and detest automated phone systems. The last several days I've spent hours with Directv, Verizon and my health benefits center communicating with various recordings just trying to get to a live representative for answers to questions. I'm frustrated and exhausted. I apologize to the representative when I finally get to them for my poor attitude but really it's their fault for using all my patience just to reach a real person. Then the real person has a script they must run through before I can get to my situation and there goes my last nerve. (I know, I know they are saving money by not having to pay so many real people, but at what cost as they are alienating oodles of customers. Me thinks, they don't give a rat's...!)

I bemoan the loss of customer caring. Whenever possible I don't deal with these national corporations where their attitude is that they are doing me a favor allowing me to do business with them. Rather I try to choose local or smaller businesses that act like they want my business; that my business is important to them. Case in point, I bank with First Texas Bank who is right here in Georgetown. Recently husband lost the debit cards to two accounts. When I called to report the loss, I talked to a real person immediately. All subsequent conversations were with Karen. Yes, she had a name and I did too. Having her personal guidance and knowledge of the circumstances made an often frustrating situation run as smoothly as possible. Imagine - every time I had to report something new or ask a question, I didn't have to repeat every little detail from previous calls, she was familiar with my case . Imagine - she did everything in her power to make the process of getting new cards and disputing fraudelent charges as easy as possible. This was great customer service!! Caring and friendly while being pro active in solving problems.

So boos to DirecTV, Verizon and BP benefits center. Kudos to First Texas Bank!!!

What's driving you crazy? Or do you have any businesses you can reccomend for good customer care?

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