Friday, October 23, 2009

Dresses for Judy

I'm posting a bunch of pictures of what I have in stock in size 12-18 mos. I've included notes on the ones in pinks. This is for Judy who wanted to know; but anyone with questions and requests, chime in.
I'm almost out of this black windowpane fabric. So I can't duplicate this dress exactly.What I'm describing is the one I have left in 12-18 mos. Also, to further confuse all of you, the bottom ruffle has been changed. Current dress ues same false patchwork fabric as seen on top is repeated in bottom ruffle with the flowery fabric used to line ruffle.
Front and back of an apron dress. Pink and green circles on a black background make up the attached apron. The bodice and body are a combination of pink and black fabrics. The shoulder straps are ties. The ribbon sash is sewed on in front but ties in back for size adjustment. This dress is made of a combination of pinks with brown accents. It also has fabric shoulder ties and a ribbon sash sewn in front but adjustable in back.
Below a quick glimpse of others which are other color combinations.

Judy, let me know if you want more pics or info.

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