Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Art Thoughts

Last week I posted a notice about the Georgetown Artworks Juried Show which opened on Friday. If you haven't visited it yet, you must go. Its amazing to see the many talented artists live and work in Texas. There are 85 pieces by 43 artists spread throughout downtown at the Georgetown Public Library (closed from Oct 5-9), Framer's Gallery. Cianfrani's Coffee Shop amd Dog-eared Books. And while you're strolling from venue to venue enjoy the banners hanging over head. Designed by 55 artists as part of a project called Happy Trails. Experience the art and banners through the month of October.

A juried show, like the Art Hop, brings a variety of art and artists to the public. If you've followed this blog, you know I love art and don't understand how anyone can live without it. In my home the walls are filled with art. Daily it brings me pleasure and uplifts my spirit. My wish is that every child, adult and family would have a home filled with beauty, inspiration, humor and thought - all the things that art brings to my home.

Art Hop is a good way to start or continue building a home art collection. Most pieces are for sale. Part of the proceeds goes to the artist. (Remember they must eat and have shelter, too.) Part goes to venues to help cover their overhead. Part goes to Georgetown Artworks to benefit their programs. These are very good causes. So buying a work not only makes you feel good but does good.

Don't forget that this is a good chance to buy a special gift for the ones you love. You can start a collection for a child or grandchild. Raise them with art. Put it in their rooms. They will never forget this gift. Give it as a birthday gift, a wedding gift, a baby shower gift or an anniversary gift. Art is a forever gift of love. At the Art Hop you can find works at all prices, so go and pick out something!!
Here are a few of the pieces in my home that feed my spirit daily. (Many pieces ar framed under glass and don't photograph easily so I can't share them.) I like a variety of styles and subjects. On different days, in different moods I find different works talk to me. I hope they inspire you to purchase art in this month of the arts.

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