Friday, September 25, 2009

Little Luxuries

Yesterday I got to enjoy 3 of my favorite little luxuries. It was another cool, rainy day under endless gray clouds. Started off with ironing and housework - yuck - but my afternoon was pure joy.

First, a haircut. Doesn't life always feel better after a good haircut? Bo Peep has been cutting my hair for 9 years. (Yes, that is her real name. Her salon is "bo-tique.") She is great! She is an artist with scissors and a razor. I walk in feeling dragged down and dowdy; I walk out with a spring in my step feeling bright and energetic. She is that good! Despite a tightening economy the price of a good haircut is worth it for the feeling of well-being it gives me for weeks. Luxurious!!

From the salon to the library. Reading is my favorite hobby. A good book is a mini vacation. A while back I wrote about my mind vacation to the beach this summer. It was inspired by reading Anne Rivers Siddons. A lot of her books take place near water - the Atlantic ocean or rivers. Her tales are very readable, but what blows me away is her descriptions of life close to the water. I can smell the air, feel the breeze, wallow in the heat. To curl up with a good story that can transport me to another world is a true luxury.

But even more, a trip to Georgetown Public Library is a luxury. This new building is full of light, space and comfortable chairs. There is almost always an art exhibit going on, and it has a growing, credible permanent collection of art. There's a coffee and snack shop. It is truly a community treasure thanks to Eric Lashley, the libary director!!

Finally when I got home my kitchen was filled with the smell of vegetable soup thanks to my hubby. What greater luxury than to have dinner planned and prepared for me? I was spoiled yesterday, and I loved it!!!

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