Thursday, September 17, 2009

Three Reasons Why I Love Facebook

I have come kicking and screaming into this age of computers, emails, cell phones, facebook and twitter. Kick the soap boxes out of my way or I'm likely to burst into an old geeser (Hrrmph, hrrmph - beware the curmudgeon alarm) rant about the downfall of all civilization due to the growth of the digital age. But lately I find the new ways are seducing me. Here are 3 reasons why.

1. This week the husband, Doug, of a niece, Laura, suffered a brain stem stroke. Suddenly a young, 32 years old, husband and father was critically ill and undergoing emergency surgery. We have a famliy news email that notified immediate relatives. But through facebook friends and family could be kept in the loop easily. It was remarkable how many people cared and wanted to be informed as to the progress of Doug.
Facebook has proved to be a marvelous tool for communication in this event. It has let Laura know how many people are concerned for her and her family. It allows her to update everyone easily and not to constantly have to repeat herself. Seems to me this must help her reserve emotional energy to use where it is most needed with her husband and baby.

2. Facebook provides a window into everyday goings on. I cherish the posts from my daughter-in-law, Pamela. Short and breezy reflections on kids, husbands and life's minutia. she also reports on Hudson's wise and humerous take on life as seen by a four year old. His latest from this week - "you shouldn't wear your hard hat when you go to the bathroom because it can fall off into the toilet when you bend over to flush." You gotta love such observations.
I love that Facebook makes it so easy for Pamela to record and share such gems. Its not earthshaking news but my day goes better when I can smile.

3. Now that I'm working at home, I miss daily interaction with people. I miss the store's back room where our discussions were wide ranging - from who was voted off Dancing with the Stars to where the best food bargains were to how everyone's day was. Facebook gives me back a bit of this casual conversation. I don't feel so isolated in my workroom. I enjoy knowing what Susan is doing and how Nicky's day at school went. This is all good!! Thank you, Facebook.

So that's why I love Facebook. If you haven't tried it, it may be your next favorite thing.

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