Thursday, September 3, 2009

Autumn Collection on Etsy

It's 98 degrees outside...can fall be almost here? While the rest of the country burns up or shivers or has moss growing between toes, we continue to endure the longest, hottest, driest summer on record. But signs that autumn is coming are here - days are shorter and mornings are cooler. Hurray!!!

I've begun listing my Autumn Collection on Etsy. The new (for me) design is an apron dress with a ribbon sash. The colors are deep jewel tones with several different pallettes. Shades of lavendar and purple; primary reds and blacks; turquoise, acid green and oranges; and variations of all. I'm continually fooling around with different combinations of fabrics for each palette in the skirts and dresses.

I just love some of these new fabrics. What little girl wouldn't love to have blue, purple and pink deer gamboling on her dress apron? Apron is not detachable; ribbon sash is sewn on the front and tied in back.

Back of jungle animal dress as shown above. Here you can see many of the different fabrics used. For seasonal wear layer over tee or blouse and leggings or skinny pants - white, black, green or red.

The apron is acid green background with birdcages. Love the mix of colors and punch of deep fuschia.

Turquoise, orange and green. Sounds bizaare on paper, but looks great. And imagine what wonderful colors you can pair with this in a ree and leggings!!

I have more to list on etsy. And don't forget the skirts. Visit my Annarella Girl site. The photos don't do the dresses justice. If you are in central Texas come see them in person Friday and Saturday at Annarella Design Studio, 800 S Austin Ave, Georgetown. I'm there from 11-5. Tomorrow is First Friday in downtown so I'll be there until 8 pm.

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