Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Whine or Business Woes

Well, Monday late afternoon is here. Most of my to do list is done - ta da - but since it's Monday it hasn't been smooth. And I haven't touched my sewing machine yet - boo hoo. Maybe by tonight before I go to bed, I'll have a new dress cut out. Goal is SEWING tomorrow!
While I've been drowning in the boring chores of my business, I've been making a business wish list. I love the designing, purchasing and sewing parts of Annarella Girl BUT there are bits I hate and would love to outsource.

Wish List - a BOOK KEEPER. Not just someone to do the quarterly taxes, but someone to enter in all my sales, all my purchases and price of materials for each size and style. This would be heaven. I have sleepless nights dreading how much has to be done, how to do it, etc. Help!!!

- a PATTERN MAKER. If you only knew how much time I spend creating and adjusting each variation. I wish I could tell someone what I want and VOILA! there it would be. There are some very skilled people out there but, rightfully so, they are expensive. I suspect that if I had inherited my father's love of engineering and construction I would be better at this but I didn't and I'm not. Help!!

- a CUTTER. This isn't a difficult task but is time consuming and a bit mindless. What a luxury it would be to have someone cut out the fabric pieces! I am listing these in order of importance to me. So after I get the first two, then comes this.
So that's my wish list. Here is the latest dress. It has an elastized shoulder strap rather than tie on.

Has a longer apron and skirt. Specially designed for sizes 5 - 8. Although I love the shorter dress I've been working with (looks so cute with skinny pants or leggings), I wanted to give a longer version for the leggy pre-adolescent. This is shown in size 7. I think it is adorable! Soon to come to my etsy page.

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