Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In the Closet

A provocative title...but don't we all have vices or faults that we conceal from the world. Well, I am a shower talker. Some people are shower singers. (You know who you are. And you also belt it out in the car. We see you when we pull up next to you at a light - head bobbing, hands tapping on steering wheel and mouth wide open.) You know you sound like Whitney Houston or Barry White - goooood!
Well, I talk in the shower and car. I compose witty blogs. I write chatty letters. I share pithy observations about daily life with friends and family. I'm Andy Rooney, Joy Behar and Anderson Cooper rolled into one. You can't wait to hear from me. The problem is ... the thoughts never get to see the light of day ... or if they do, the ideas are never as clever and free flowing as in private. For instance I've composed this blog countless times and it was wonderful. Now ... well you see the real words.
I know I'm not alone. Are you a closet talker? Have you talked to my blog but never commented? How congested is the closet with your silent conversation? Now might be the time to push the thoughts into words you share.
Meanwhile I'll be talking to you with soap and a washcloth.

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